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Bubble guns have become an incredibly popular toy for kids in recent years. These toys are designed to produce a stream of bubbles with just a push of a button, providing a fun experience for children of all ages. Bubble guns are typically made with bright, colorful designs appealing to children and come in various shapes and sizes. They are easy to use and require little to no setup, making them a great option for younger children who may not have the coordination or lung capacity to blow bubbles manually.

Additionally, bubble guns can be used indoors and outdoors, providing fun for kids regardless of the weather. Some bubble guns are designed with added features, such as lights or music, to enhance the overall play experience. With so many available options, parents can find a bubble gun that fits their child’s preferences and budget.

Best Bubble Machine Gun

DesertHome Bubble Machine Gun

The DesertHome Bubble Machine Gun can produce a large number of bubbles in a short amount of time. With its 69-hole head, this bubble blaster can instantly release thousands of bubbles. It is a powerful toy that can create an immersive and exciting bubble experience for kids.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Bubble Gun – DesertHome Bubble Machine Gun
  • The DesertHome Bubble Machine Gun is widely considered one of the best bubble guns for kids due to its exceptional features and performance. This bubble blaster has a 69-hole head that produces a remarkable number of bubbles simultaneously, ensuring a fun and engaging experience for children. It is made with durable materials that can withstand the rough handling of children and is easy to use, making it a great option for younger kids.
  • The DesertHome Bubble Machine Gun also has an impressive bubble output, releasing thousands of bubbles per minute, guaranteeing an immersive play experience. It is designed with bright and colorful features that are visually appealing to kids, making it a popular choice among parents. Overall, the DesertHome Bubble Machine Gun is a high-quality bubble gun that provides an exciting and enjoyable playtime for kids of all ages.
  • Best Budget Bubble Gun Option – JOYIN Bubble Machine Gun
  • The JOYIN Bubble Machine Gun is widely recognized as the best budget-friendly bubble gun due to its affordability and impressive features. This bubble gun is an excellent option for parents who want to give their kids a fun and engaging toy without breaking the bank. Despite its affordable $23.99 price tag, the JOYIN Bubble Machine Gun has an excellent output, generating many bubbles per minute. It is easy to use and is designed with bright and colorful features that are visually appealing to children. The JOYIN Bubble Machine Gun is also made with durable materials, ensuring that it can withstand rough handling from kids during playtime.
  • Best for the Most Bubbles – Homily Bubble Machine Gun
  • The Homily Bubble Machine Gun is widely regarded as the best bubble gun for producing the most bubbles. This impressive bubble blaster can release more than 7000 bubbles per minute, providing kids with an immersive and exciting bubble-filled playtime.

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What Are Bubble Guns?

Bubble guns are toys that shoot out bubbles and are shaped like guns. They are usually made of plastic and come in various shapes and sizes. Bubble guns are a fun toy for kids because they allow them to make bubbles easily without manually blowing them. They provide endless entertainment for children and can be used indoors and outdoors, encouraging children to play outside, which can help them get fresh air and exercise. They can also be used in social settings, such as birthday parties or playdates, to promote social interaction and bonding among children.

There are many different types of bubble guns available on the market. Some of the most popular types include:

  • Handheld bubble guns are the most common type designed to be held in hand. They typically require the user to pull a trigger to release the bubbles. Handheld bubble guns are popular for their ease of use, as they typically only require a simple trigger pull to generate bubbles. They are also typically lightweight and easy to carry around, making them great for outdoor play. However, handheld bubble guns usually have a lower bubble output than other bubble guns and may require frequent refilling of the bubble solution.
  • Machine bubble guns are designed to create a constant stream of bubbles and are often battery-operated. They are great for large-scale bubble play, such as parties or events. Machine bubble guns are battery-operated and generate continuous bubbles, making them ideal for large bubble displays. They typically have a higher bubble output than handheld guns but can also be heavier and bulkier, making them less portable.
  • Animal-shaped bubble guns look like animals, such as dolphins or sharks. They often come with fun features, such as light-up or sound effects, and are perfect for children drawn to cute animal designs. Animal-shaped bubble guns are popular with young children due to their fun designs and shapes. They are often bright colors and can be shaped like animals or other playful objects. However, animal-shaped bubble guns may have a lower bubble output and may be more difficult to operate than handheld bubble guns.
  • Bubble blasters release many bubbles quickly, creating a “blast” of bubbles. They often have multiple bubble wands or nozzles to create various bubble shapes and sizes. Bubble blaster guns are easy to operate, even for young kids, and do not require any special skills or training. These guns can produce many bubbles per minute, providing a fun and exciting experience. They do require batteries to operate, which can add to the cost of the toy and may need to be replaced frequently. Additionally, they may drip a lot of bubble solutions, resulting in a messy play area.

Are There Any Benefits to Kids Playing With Bubble Guns?

Playing with bubble guns can provide numerous benefits for kids, such as promoting outdoor play and developing hand-eye coordination skills. Kids can also benefit from the sensory experience of watching and popping bubbles, which can help to develop their visual tracking skills and provide a calming and relaxing experience.

Bubble guns can encourage kids to engage in imaginative play, as they can pretend to be wizards, fairies, or superheroes wielding magical bubble powers. Playing with bubble guns is a fun and engaging way for kids to develop their physical, cognitive, and emotional skills.

What Is the Difference Between a Bubble and a Bubble Machine?

Bubble Gun

Bubble guns are powered by batteries, which allows them to produce a much higher quantity of bubbles than if operated manually. They usually have either a tank or a reservoir that requires filling with bubble solution or a designated spot to attach a bottle of bubble solution for continuous use. The most significant advantage of bubble guns is their portability, similar to soft dart or water guns. Kids can enjoy running around the yard and shooting bubbles at each other, while parents can take the bubble gun to the park or beach and play with it on the go. This feature of bubble guns makes them versatile and entertaining toys that can be used in various settings.

Bubble Machine

The primary distinction between a bubble machine and a bubble gun is that a bubble machine is stationary. It can be powered by batteries or an adapter plugged into a wall outlet, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply. This allows some bubble machines to have powerful motors that can produce thousands of bubbles per minute and have large tanks that can provide extended playtime without frequent refilling. Such machines are perfect for creating a continuous and expansive bubble coverage, such as on a dance floor. In contrast, smaller and more portable bubble machines are also available, which can be carried to the beach or park for group fun.

So, Which One Do You Choose?

When deciding between a bubble machine and a bubble gun, it’s crucial to consider the recipient and the occasion it is being purchased. Bubble machines are perfect for group entertainment, whereas bubble guns provide a more active playtime experience.

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bubble Gun

When choosing a bubble gun for your child, there are several features you should consider to ensure you find one that meets their needs and is safe for them to use.

Types of Bubble Guns

There are three main types of bubble guns: handheld guns, machine guns, and animal-shaped guns. Handheld guns are the most common and come in various sizes and designs. Machine guns are typically larger and produce more bubbles but require more batteries. Animal-shaped guns are a fun and playful option for younger kids and often come with cute designs and colors.

Size and Weight

Bubble guns come in different sizes and weights. Consider your child’s age and size when choosing a gun. A smaller, lighter gun may be more suitable for younger children, while older children may prefer a larger gun with more features.

Trigger Sensitivity

Some bubble guns have sensitive triggers, while others require more activation force. If your child has weaker hand strength, consider choosing a gun with a softer trigger.

Refill Options

Some bubble guns come with refillable bottles, while others require you to purchase new bottles each time. Refillable options may be more cost-effective in the long run.

Safety Features

Look for bubble guns that meet safety standards and are made with non-toxic materials. Guns with locking triggers can also help prevent accidental firing.

Bubble Output

Consider the bubble output of the gun, as some may produce more bubbles than others. If your child wants to create lots of bubbles, look for a gun with a high bubble output.

Battery requirements

Some bubble guns require batteries, while others are hand-powered. If you prefer a battery-operated gun, check what type of batteries it requires and whether they are included.


Naturally, when buying anything, the price tag is always a consideration to some extent. Fortunately, bubble guns are often affordable, although you have exceptions now and then. Consider how much you will spend on a bubble gun while considering features that may affect your kids’ overall experience, such as performance, durability, and functionality.

Tips on Choosing a Bubble Gun That’s Appropriate for a Child’s Age and Developmental Level

When choosing a bubble gun for a child, it is important to consider their age and developmental level.

  • For toddlers and young children, choose bubble guns that are lightweight and easy to operate. Look for guns with soft and sensitive triggers that even young children can use easily and that won’t hurt their hands.
  • For older children, choose bubble guns with more advanced features, such as music or sound effects. Consider guns that require two hands to operate, which can help with hand-eye coordination and motor skill development.
  • Consider the size of the bubble gun. Larger bubble guns may be more difficult for young children to handle, while smaller guns may be too small for older children.
  • Look for bubble guns with refillable bubble solution. This can save you money in the long run and allow your child to continue using the gun over time.
  • Always consider safety when choosing a bubble gun. Look for guns that meet US Toy Standard safety tests and have features such as a lock on the trigger to prevent accidental bubble spraying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bubble Machine Guns Battery Powered?

Yes, the bubble machine guns on our list are all battery-powered. While bubble machines can be battery-operated or plugged into a wall outlet, the nature of a bubble gun – designed to be used while it is carried around – means that battery-operated is the most practical way.

The bubble machine guns on our list all use AA batteries, easily found in most retail locations. The number of batteries required varies from model to model, so check the instructions on your bubble machine toy before use. If you purchase a bubble gun that is not on our list, check carefully which type of battery it uses, as some may use different types.

How Much Bubble Solution Does It Use?

The amount of bubble solution a bubble gun uses depends on the specific gun and how it is used. However, most bubble guns require a small solution to produce many bubbles. Typically, a bubble gun will come with instructions indicating how many solutions to use. It’s important to note that too many solutions may overflow and cause the gun to malfunction.

Is It Compatible With a Homemade Bubble Solution?

You can usually use either store-bought or homemade bubble solution with your bubble blaster. As suggested above, if you plan to use a homemade bubble solution and your bubble gun uses a smaller bottle attached to the body, ensure you keep the correct-sized bottle that came with the bubble gun. After mixing up a batch of homemade bubbled solution and storing it in a large jar or bottle, use a funnel to pour it into the smaller bottles every time you need a refill.

Are Bubble Guns Safe for Kids to Use?

Yes, bubble guns are generally safe for kids as they don’t use harmful chemicals or materials. However, parents should always supervise their children while playing with bubble guns to ensure they don’t put the toy in their mouths or eyes.

How Do I Clean a Bubble Gun?

Remove the bubble solution container and rinse it with water to clean a bubble gun. Then, use a damp cloth to wipe the outside of the gun. Allow the gun to air dry before using it again.

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