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The Best Bubble Gun

Bubbles are the perfect leisurely summer pastime for kids, but it can be challenging to blow consistent bubbles with the traditional bubble wand. If you want to make bubble blowing easier and more fun for kids, consider trying a bubble gun toy! These battery-operated blasters can generate thousands of bubbles per minute; all you have to do is squeeze a trigger. Some even come with fun extras, such as music or lights. Attach a bottle of bubble solution to the blaster, and off you go!

What features should you look for in a bubble gun toy? Should you go with the gun or the bubble gun instead? Read on for more information to help you decide, along with some of our top picks for the best bubble guns for kids! 

Best Bubble Machine Gun

DesertHome Bubble Machine Gun

Blast away thousands of bubbles per minute on the DesertHome Bubble Machine Gun! This bubble blaster has a head with 69 holes, generating thousands of bubbles simultaneously.

Bubble Gun vs. Bubble Machine

Bubble Gun

Bubble guns are typically battery-powered, giving them a much higher output of bubbles than if manually operated. They might have a tank or reservoir that needs to be filled up with bubble solution, or they might have a spot where a bottle of bubble solution is attached to ‘feed’ the gun. The most important feature of the bubble gun is that it is portable. Like soft dart guns or water guns, kids can run around the yard shooting bubbles at each other, or you can carry the bubble gun to the park or the beach and have fun using it on the go. 

Bubble Machine

The main difference between the two is that a bubble machine will remain stationary. They can be either battery operated or have an adapter that will plug into a wall outlet for an unlimited power source. Because of this, some bubble machines have very powerful motors that can generate thousands of bubbles and extra large tanks that can last for a long time without having to be refilled. They are ideal when you want the bubbles to cover a large area continuously, such as a dance floor. Other bubble machines are smaller and more portable and can be brought along to the beach or the park to enjoy with a group.

Which One to Choose?

Think about who you are purchasing for, and for what kind of occasion. Bubble machines are ideal for entertaining a group; bubble guns are a more active toy.

The Best Bubble Machine Gun for Kids

1. DesertHome Bubble Machine Gun

DesertHome Bubble Machine Gun

Battery Powered:
Rechargeable ion battery included

Number of Bubbles:
7000+ per minute

1.41 lbs

Blast away thousands of bubbles per minute on the DesertHome Bubble Gun! This bubble blaster has a head with 69 holes, generating thousands of bubbles simultaneously. It’s very lightweight, making it easy to transport anywhere you want. A button also turns on colorful lights, making it fun to use after dark! This bubble blaster gun uses a rechargeable battery, and both battery and charger are included. When the bubble wand begins to spin slowly and the bubbles stop, it’s time to recharge. You’ll also need to charge it up before it can be used, so if you’re giving it as a gift, be aware that it won’t be able to be used straight out of the box.

Two bottles of bubble solution are included with the DesertHome Bubble Machine Gun, but it works a little differently than some of the other bubble guns on our list. Pour the bubble solution into the shallow tray (included), dip the end with holes into the bubble solution, pull the trigger, and watch the bubbles float away. This bubble gun is probably best suited for older kids, as toddlers and young kids might knock over the bubble solution in the tray or be unable to resist sticking their hands in. A dip in the solution can generate thousands of bubbles, providing hours of entertainment.

Reasons to Buy the DesertHome Bubble Machine Gun

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Fun LED lights
  • Makes lots of bubbles

2. JOYIN Bubble Machine Gun

JOYIN Bubble Machine Gun

Battery Powered:
Yes, 3 AA batteries (included)

Bottle Solution:
 5 oz

 1.9 lbs

Double the value and the fun! The Joyin Bubble Machine Gun comes in packs of two, making it perfect to buy for siblings or a kid who is hard on their toys. This two-pack offers excellent value in different combinations of blue, green, and orange. In addition to the two bubble guns, you also get two 5 oz bottles of non-toxic bubble solution and batteries. Make sure you keep track of the bottles of bubble solution, as replacements can only be bought through the manufacturer. Once the bottle is empty, you can easily refill it with any other bubbles you purchased.

Lightweight and with soft triggers that are easy for small hands to engage in, these bubble guns are perfect for toddlers and young children. There are no extra fancy features like lights or music, reflected in the very reasonable price point of just under twenty dollars for a pack of two. For an affordable option that will still bring many hours of enjoyment to kids, the Joyin Bubble Machine Gun is a great choice. 

Reasons to Buy the JOYIN Bubble Machine Gun

  • Batteries included
  • Soft triggers that won’t hurt kids’ hands
  • Safe and non-toxic bubble solution

3. JOYIN Dolphin Bubble Machine Gun

JOYIN Dolphin Bubble Machine Gun

Battery Powered:
Yes, 2 AA batteries (included)

Bottle Solution:
1.7 oz

1.9 lbs

The Joyin Dolphin Bubble Machine Gun, available in two packages, is sized perfectly for smaller hands. Designed to look like cute marine creatures, this bubble blaster gun is available in various combinations of pink, blue, and yellow. Each package of two bubble guns comes with four small 1.7oz bottles of bubble solution. Simply remove the lid and screw the bottles onto the bubble gun, pull the trigger, and go away! Once the solution in the included bottles runs out, hang on to them because you can easily refill from a larger bottle of bubble solution for many more hours of fun.

Each bubble gun requires two AA batteries and a hand-operated trigger, soft and sensitive enough that even young toddlers without much hand strength should be able to operate it easily and efficiently. Also, a ‘lock’ feature on the trigger that, when engaged, will give you a continuous stream of bubbles without having to keep a finger on the trigger – perfect for little kids who might not have the coordination to keep their finger on the trigger! The Joyin Dolphin Bubble Machine Gun for safety-conscious parents meets all US Toy Standard safety tests, and the bubble solution included is nontoxic. It makes a perfect gift idea for outdoor summertime fun!

Reasons to Buy the JOYIN Dolphin Bubble Machine Gun

  • Batteries included
  • Super value pack
  • Very durable design

4. Homily Bubble Machine Gun

Homily Bubble Machine Gun

Battery Powered:
Yes, 3 AA batteries (not included)

Number of Bubbles:
7000 per minute

1.8 lbs

The Homily Bubble Machine Gun is for you if you want heavy-duty bubbles! This bubble machine gun is big enough that it needs two hands to operate. There’s one handle in the back where you will find the trigger, and a second rotating handle mounted on top of the gun that kids can use to control the direction they want to point the gun. It takes 3 AA batteries, which are not included, so if you’re giving this as a gift, you’ll have to purchase them separately. It does. However, it comes small screwdriver to help open and close the battery compartment.

The multiple operation trigger allows you to either hold it down continuously for a long stream of bubbles or squeeze it intermittently. The fan helps spray over 7000 bubbles every minute and independently operated switches on the gun will turn on music or shooting sound effects. The muzzle of the gun also lights up. The Homily Bubble Machine Gun comes with two small bottles of bubble solution that fit in the bottom of the gun. The bottles are refillable, so hang on to them and refill with the bubble solution of your choice. Kids will get hours of outdoor fun out of this bubble gun!

Reasons to Buy the Homily Bubble Machine Gun

  • Dynamic music and lights
  • Environmental and pet friendly
  • 7000+ bubbles

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bubble Machine Guns Battery Powered?

Yes, the bubble machine guns on our list are all battery-powered. While bubble machines can either be battery operated or plugged into a wall outlet, the nature of a bubble gun – designed to be used while it is carried around – means that battery operated is the most practical way. The bubble machine guns on our list all use AA batteries, easily found in most retail locations. The number of batteries required varies from model to model, so check the instructions on your bubble machine toy before use. If you purchase a bubble gun that is not on our list, check carefully which type of battery it uses, as some may use different types.

How Much Bubble Solution Does It Use?

The answer will vary depending on which model of bubble blaster gun you purchase. Most bubble guns available will come with a couple of bottles of solution the correct size to use with your gun. In the case of the bubble guns on our list, this can vary between 50 mL and 150 mL. While you can purchase additional bottles of bubble solution in the same size to continue to use, it is probably more economical (and better for the environment!) to purchase a large bottle of bubble solution refills. You can find this available on Amazon or most retailers that sell bubbles in the spring and summer, usually available in bottles several gallons large. A bottle of bubble solution like this will last a long time, and you can use a funnel to refill the smaller bottles that came with your bubble machine guns.

Is It Compatible With a Homemade Bubble Solution?

In most cases, you can use either store-bought or homemade bubble solution with your bubble blaster. As suggested above, if you plan to use a homemade bubble solution and your bubble gun uses a smaller bottle attached to the body of the gun, make sure you keep the correct sized bottle that came with the bubble gun. After mixing up a batch of homemade bubbled solution and storing it in a large jar or bottle, use a funnel to pour it into the smaller bottles every time you need a refill.

Are You Looking for Extra Features?

Bubble machine guns come in all shapes or sizes! Think about who you’re buying the bubble gun for and when it’s going to be used. Some bubble guns can produce thousands of bubbles per minute; others are smaller. Some bubble guns include features like playing music or showing flashing lights to make the bubbles appear in different colors. These features can undoubtedly add to the enjoyment of the bubble gun, but they may also contribute to a higher price point. Think about which features are the most important and what price point you’re comfortable paying before determining whether you need these additional features.

What Kind of Trigger Do You Want?

Different bubble machine guns will have different types of triggers. Some might be stiffer and require more finger strength to operate, so they’re best for older children. A bubble gun with a soft trigger that is easy to pull back will be suitable for toddlers and young children. A trigger might require you to keep your finger engaged the whole time you want bubbles blasting out, or it might have a ‘lock’ mode that allows you to remove your finger while still emitting bubbles – convenient for kids who might forget to keep squeezing the trigger! If your bubble gun includes extra features like lights or music, check out how these are operated as well – can they be turned off and on by mistake when you’re trying to squeeze the trigger instead?

Best Bubble Machine Gun

DesertHome Bubble Machine Gun

Blast away thousands of bubbles per minute on the DesertHome Bubble Machine Gun! This bubble blaster has a head with 69 holes, generating thousands of bubbles simultaneously.

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