The Best Bubble Machine for Kids


Are you looking for a way to kick up your backyard gatherings a notch? A bubble machine is a relatively inexpensive way to bring something extra to your events that everyone can enjoy, from adults to children to pets. Adults, that’s us, parents, can enjoy a bubble maker when you bring it to the backyard to enhance parties, barbeques, or other gatherings or use it on the dance floor at weddings or other parties. 

You can use a bubble machine with children and toddlers in a myriad of ways, from entertaining a big group at a birthday party or play date with some basic bubble chasing to boosting the fun factor at the beach, the park, a pool party, or indoor occasions like a dance party or special bath time.


Zerhunt Bubble Machine

Considering all factors – durability, bubble quality, versatility, and ease of use – the top bubble machine on our list is the Zerhunt Bubble Machine.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall Gel Blaster – Zerhunt Bubble Machine
  • Considering all factors, durability, bubble quality, versatility, and ease of use, the top bubble machine on our list is the Zerhunt Bubble Machine. This machine is available in two colors, and you can plug it in using the AC adapter (which comes included) or use six C batteries and take it on the go to the park, the beach, or friend’s houses. It’s made of durable, rustproof ABS plastic and is lightweight enough to make transportation easy. The six spinning wands can run at two speeds and generate up to 4000 bubbles per minute! Its 400 mL tank will give you thirty solid minutes of bubble blowing before it needs to be refilled, all at a very reasonable price point. Overall, the Zerhunt Bubble Machine is great value for a multiuse bubble machine that will bring hours of joy to your family.
  • Best Kid-Friendly Design – EduCuties Bubble Machine
  • For entertaining young kids, you can’t go wrong with the EduCuties Bubble Machine. Its cute dinosaur design will charm the little ones, and it is so easy to operate – open the dinosaur’s mouth to start the bubbles and close it when you want the bubbles to stop. It can produce over 2000 bubbles a minute, and the bubble reservoir will give you up to thirty minutes straight of bubble time before it needs to be refilled. This bubble machine also includes a fun flashing LED lights feature for indoor dance parties or after-dark fun! 
  • Best Bubble Machine for PartiesADJ Products Bubbletron
  • If you’re looking for a bubble machine big enough to be a crowd-pleaser, the number one option on our list is the ADJ Products Bubbletron. This bubble machine has a huge two-liter tank, big enough to last for up to four hours. All you need to do is fill it up with bubble solution, turn it on, then step back and enjoy the party without worrying about refilling it. Perfect for weddings, dances, barbeques, and other fun! The ADJ Products Bubbletron needs to be plugged in to operate so that you can easily set it up alongside the DJ or music system you have set up for your gathering, and it has a wired remote control for ease of use.
  • Best Bubble Machine for Backyard Fun1byone Auto Bubble Blower Machine
  • For backyard fun, whether it’s birthday parties, playdates, or just playing outside, the 1byone Auto Bubble Blower Machine is a high-quality, versatile machine that can do it all. It’s got a powerful and efficient motor with two speeds and six spinning wands that can generate up to 4500 bubbles per minute while lasting 40 minutes, or 3000 bubbles per minute that will last up to an hour. 

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Fun Ways to Use Your Bubble Machine

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to entertain a group of children, bubbles are one of the easiest ways. You can buy a bottle of bubble solution with a plastic wand and stand there blowing bubbles yourself, but that can be inconsistent, requiring you to stand there blowing the bubbles, too.

A bubble machine eliminates the need for human labor and provides consistency in size and shape. Birthday parties, play dates at home or in the park, dance parties, backyard barbeques, or even adult occasions like cookouts and weddings can all be enhanced with the entertainment of a bubble machine. If you’re brave, you can use them indoors as well – try adding bubbles for a fun bath routine or make some rainy day fort building a little more exciting!

Although toddlers and kids are easily entertained by simply chasing bubbles around, you can add to the excitement by adding a few accessories or playing games. Teach children to “catch” the bubble in their hands and clap them together to pop it, counting aloud each time they get a bubble to practice numeracy skills.

You can also adapt this activity to have everyone name a color, animal, or object from another category. Or you can turn it into a collaborative challenge by having children take turns clapping bubbles while practicing their ABCs – the first child pops and says A, the next child says B, and so on.

With toddlers or young kids, you can have them stomp the bubbles. Set the machine on the ground and encourage kids to jump or stamp on the bubbles to burst them. For older kids, you can buy some inexpensive butterfly nets and have the children catch the bubbles. Add on the adaptation from above with counting or the ABCs to give the game a little extra.

A variation on the butterfly net game is buying some flyswatters and having the children swat at the bubbles. For some reason, whacking bubbles with a fly swatter is irresistible to most children. These versions are best played outside in a large area with kids a bit older, making it less likely that they will swat each other in the face.

What to Look for When Buying a Bubble Machine for Kids – A Buyer’s Guide

Purpose and Function

Before purchasing a bubble machine, consider the types of occasions where you plan to use it. Bubble machines can be fun in various situations – parties, weddings, barbecues, camping trips, a day at the beach, indoor play, entertaining toddlers, pets, poolside, a slip and slide, general water play – the possibilities are endless.

Some types of play are better suited to one style of bubble machine than others. For example, if you plan to bring your bubble machine outside to places like the beach or camping, you’ll want to look for a battery-powered one. If you plan to use it at backyard parties, plug-in or battery-operated will work well. If kids and pets are around the bubble maker with any regularity, consider looking for one with safety features like a spill-proof bubble tank or a spinner that automatically stops when touched by accident.

Tank Size and Capacity

Consider what situations you plan to use your bubble machine for when looking at the tank size. Some machines on our list have very large capacities – the largest tank capacity is 67 oz. While this might be ideal for keeping the bubbles going all night on the dance floor at a wedding, it’s probably unnecessary if you’re looking for a bubble machine to entertain a toddler in the backyard for a short time. 

For occasional casual use at home, a small bubble machine with a tank in the 13.5 oz range should suit your needs just fine. It can be easy to get excited about wanting the biggest and the best bubble machine, but also consider that the bigger the tank, the bigger and heavier the machine. If you’re planning to bring your bubble machine to the park, the beach, etc., a smaller tank might also mean a smaller, lighter machine that is easier to transport.

Battery or Plug-In?

There are pros and cons of plug-in and battery-operated bubble machines, so think about what you plan to use the machine for before you decide. The obvious pro for machines that require a cord and AC adapter is that you won’t need to keep purchasing batteries, which can add up quickly when you need six every time. If you plan to use the machine frequently for entertaining children or pets, this cost could get out of hand quickly so a plug-in machine might be a good choice. 

On the other hand, a machine that needs to be plugged in is restricted to only being used within a few feet of an outlet, so you’ll be limited in where you can use it. Remember that cords can also become a tripping hazard, particularly if young kids running around with excitement are involved. If you go with a corded model, consider placing it against a wall to eliminate the risk of tripping and falling.

With a battery-operated bubble machine, you do not need to worry about tripping over a cord. You can bring the machine anywhere and set it up wherever it is convenient, whether just a particular spot in your backyard, to the park or beach for bubble-chasing fun, on a camping trip, family picnic, or festival. 

The downside to a battery-operated machine is that it can go through batteries quickly if you use it frequently. The cost can increase, particularly if the machine requires several large C batteries. For occasional use, though, a battery-operated bubble machine is handy. If you think you might use your machine in a few different situations, consider buying one that can operate by plugging it in and batteries.

Bubble Solution Refill Frequency

The frequency you will have to refill your machine will depend on how large the bubble solution reservoir is. Generally speaking, the larger the tank, the less often you must refill it. A 13.5 oz tank, a standard size in average bubble machines, will last approximately half an hour before refilling. Larger bubble machines might have a tank with a 33 oz capacity and must be refilled only once an hour. The largest bubble machine on our list, a professional-grade machine used by DJs at weddings and parties, has a 67 oz tank and can last up to 4 hours before refilling.


Most bubble machines are not very loud, but check the description of the particular model you are interested in. If the motor is very large, the bubble machine will likely be louder than some smaller models. Still, even the largest professional-grade bubble maker on our list is not disruptively loud. However, the rule of thumb would be that the smaller the machine, the quieter the motor.

Amount and Speed of Bubbles

The speed at which the bubbles will come out of your bubble maker will depend on the quality of the motor and the number of wands the bubble machine has. The stronger the motor and the more wands attached to the bubble maker, the faster the bubbles emerge. To determine the speed of the bubbles, look for the rate of bubbles per minute. 

Some of the smaller bubble makers on our list, with smaller motors, will have a rate of around 1000 bubbles per minute, while the larger professional-grade bubble machines with bigger motors will have higher rates of around 4000 bubbles per minute. Some machines on our list have two-speed options, so you can choose if you would like the bubbles to come out faster or slower, depending on your occasion.

Bubble Machine Safety Guide

While chasing bubbles is generally seen as a pretty low-key and safe activity, there are still a few guidelines to keep in mind to ensure that things stay that way.

  1. Firstly, the bubble solution used in the machine can be dangerous if ingested and can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and burning in the throat if enough is swallowed. Hence, it’s important to keep the refill bottles out of reach of children. Look for no-spill caps on your bubble refill containers. You can also consider making your own simple non-toxic bubble solution at home –  see below for a basic recipe you can try out.
  2. When using a bubble machine, being aware of your surroundings is important. Kids love to run around chasing bubbles, so set the machine up in an open area with lots of space to run around. It’s also worth reminding kids of boundaries to stay in – just because the bubbles drift out into the street, it doesn’t mean you should chase them out there! If you’re in a yard without a fence or a large public park, consider using chalk or some ribbon for visual cues to keep children in a specific area that gives them plenty of room to run around but where you can still keep an eye on them.
  3. Make sure that the area where you’re using your bubble machine is also on a safe surface. Indoors, when bubbles pop, they can leave a residue on the floor, making it slippery on bare wood or laminate floors. If you’re using your bubble maker indoors, consider using a skid-proof surface like rubber mats or ensuring children wear shoes with rubber soles.
  4. If you’re using a bubble machine that needs to be plugged in, see that it is placed so that eager bubble chasers will not trip over the cord. Battery-powered machines don’t require cords and are portable so that you can bring them to places like the park or the beach for some on-the-go fun. Whether you’re using a plug-in or battery-powered bubble machine, be aware that it’s unsafe to use outside when inclement weather.  

A Word On Safety

Making your non-toxic bubble solution isn’t always an option. If you decide to use commercially available bubble refills, make sure you take safety precautions and always store the solution out of reach of babies, toddlers, young children, and pets.

Most soaps are minimally poisonous in small amounts, but they can still cause irritation and symptoms of nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea when ingested. Another risk is getting the solution in the eyes, which can cause redness, pain, or potentially temporary loss of vision. If your child gets bubble solution in their eyes, flush the eyes out with water immediately.

Call the Poison Control hotline if you suspect your child has swallowed an amount of bubble solution. In the US, this number is 1-800-222-1222.

This free and confidential hotline to specialists offers immediate assistance to everyone and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will ask about your child’s symptoms, what type of solution was ingested, and how much, and can offer guidance on what to do next.

In severe cases, they may recommend you go to an emergency room immediately. You should never make a child who has swallowed something they shouldn’t vomit unless a medical professional advises you to do so.  

Homemade Non-Toxic Bubble Solution Recipe

You can buy bubble solutions in bulk at the store, but it’s also super easy and inexpensive at home. This can be a particularly good idea if you have toddlers or young kids who might mistakenly ingest the bubble solution. If you’re concerned about the possibility of swallowing bubble solution, try the recipe below for a non-toxic bubble solution you can make at home.

What You’ll Need:

  • Non-toxic dish soap
  • Corn syrup
  • Water
  • Measuring cups
  • A funnel
  • A wooden spoon for mixing
  • Empty bottle for storing the bubble solution


Check out your recycling bin for a glass bottle or jar suitable to reuse before purchasing a bottle. When you’re ready to mix up your solution, combine 3 cups of water, 1/3 cup corn syrup, and 1 cup of dish soap, using the spoon to mix well until combined. You can double or triple the recipe to fill the bottle size.

Once mixed well, all you need to do is use the funnel to pour the bubble solution into your glass bottle or jar, seal it, and find a spot to store it out of reach of children. Even though this solution is non-toxic, it’s still good to take precautions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Homemade Bubble Solution?

Yes! You can try out any solution in the bubble machines on our list. Check out the recipe above for a homemade, non-toxic bubble solution for young children or pets. However, some solutions may not be ideal for different bubble machines.

If you try a homemade bubble solution, but the bubbles it produces are subpar, try tweaking your recipe. Read reviews for your bubble machine as well, as some may note if a particular type of bubble solution (thicker, etc.) works best with that specific machine.

If I Use the Machine Indoors, Will the Bubble Solution Make My Floors Sticky?

Unfortunately, yes. When the bubbles inevitably land on the floor and pop, they make it sticky and wet. The mess is worth it in some situations, such as occasions ranging from a wedding dance floor to entertaining toddlers on a rainy day. But if you use it indoors, take safety precautions like putting children in shoes with nonslip soles, and be prepared to clean your floors when done.

Do Bubble Machines Have Multiple Speeds?

This will vary from machine to machine. Some bubble machines on our list have multiple speeds, and others do not. Read the product description carefully to understand the features of the bubble machine you plan to purchase.

If You Lose the Remote, is There a Control Panel on the Machine?

Never fear! All of the machines on our list, including those with wireless remote control, can also be operated manually with a switch on the machine itself, so rest assured that if the remote is misplaced by accident, you can still operate your bubble machine.

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