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The Best Wagons for Kids

Some toys will never disappear from the “top ten toys for kids” list, and wagons are definitely one of them. Every parent can remember the fun they had playing on one as a child, and when their babies start to toddle around the house or pull themselves up, it’s only natural to want to buy the best wagons for kids on the market for them.

As with any toy on the market, a responsible parent has to make sure the item they are buying for their child ticks all the right boxes. This is what this guide is here to do.

Top Pick
Radio Flyer 3-In-1 Wagon with Canopy

A full-sized wagon for kids that folds compactly and features 3 options: 2-kid riding, utility wagon, or use as a bench!

Wagons for Kids are More Than Just a Toy

Wagons have been a staple family toy for many generations. If the word “wagon” brings images of horse-drawn carts to mind, this couldn’t be further from the truth. This classic kids’ toy is a cute, little four-wheeled cart that can be used to ride in or carry a small cargo short distances. If your child wants to accompany you to visit someone on the street or pull toys around with them, the kids’ wagon is perfect for the job.

Wagons encourage kids to use their imagination. When your child has a wagon they can use indoors or outdoors, they can be anything they want to be inside their minds: A train, a driver, or an ambulance taking toys to the hospital; a little wagon brings a world of transport options from which a child can choose.

Wagon Use for Adults

Buying a wagon for your children is not only beneficial for them. Having a wagon in the home will enable you to transport your kids around in the most enjoyable (and safe) style. They are buckled up on top of the wagon, watching the scenery pass by them from a trusted vantage point, and you can choose the speed at which you want to pull the wagon. There’s even room for a small bag of groceries if you want to take your child to the nearby store with you.

If your family has more than one child, a wagon is an even better idea for a toy. It can be an all-access family toy, and the elder child can be taught how to safely pull the younger child around the yard safely. Wagons turn tidying up into a fun game by filling it up with toys laying around and towing them back to the toy box.

Which Wagon will Your Children Enjoy?

With so much choice on the market and a deluge of information out there, it can get to be confusing over which wagon will your child enjoy playing with. Get a clear idea over what options are out there and how they are suitable before being lured by a bright image or store display. It’s easy to get confused or misled when faced with all the different wagon models out there.

If you’re still unsure, we’ve listed some important aspects to consider when buying a wagon for kids down at the bottom of this article.

Our Selection of the Best Wagons for Kids

1. Radio Flyer 3-In-1 EZ Folding Wagon with Canopy

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ-Folding Wagon with Canopy for Kids & Cargo
  • Weight Capacity: 150 lbs

Radio Flyer is a trusted name in the wagon manufacturing market. This model comes in bright, traditional red with matching canopy. Many buyers consider the Radio Flyer brand as one of the best wagons for kids on the market.

This particular model comes with a canopy included, but the EZ-fold can be purchased without a canopy or without the 3-in-1 capacity. Radio Flyer has many different wagon models, but this one is considered the best by many parents.

If you live in a sunny climate, you should consider getting a wagon with a canopy. It protects the passengers in transport and keeps the sun from heating up the material. It is light, can handle loads of up to 150lbs/68kg, and your little passengers will feel like royalty sitting in the two seats with seatbelts and cupholders.

When the 3-in-1 EZ-Fold needs to be transported, it folds up very flat and compact to fit into any small storage space or car trunk. When the wagon is unfolded and set up for use, it is a quick and simple thing to do once you have done it before a few times. If the wagon is to be used to carry things, it can roll along very comfortably when packed up with a full load.

The 3-in-1 EZ-Fold is packed with cool features both kids and parents will love.

3 Reasons To Buy It

  • Perfect for families with two small children
  • Durable enough to handle a lot of wear and tear
  • Wipes clean and non-rusting

2. Mac Sports Americana Utility Wagon

  • Weight Capacity: 150 lbs

This make and model is solidly constructed and can carry weights of up to 150 lbs. The fabric used to make the wagon box is 600-denier polyester. The Mac Sports Utility Wagon comes with a carry bag included and two handy mesh material cupholders. The most important fact about the Mac Sports-Collapsible though, is that it’s a utility wagon and not a toy wagon for kids.

Straight up, the Mac Sports Wagon doesn’t even try to pass itself off as a kid’s toy wagon. Its target market is those who need a utility wagon that is hardy enough to be used to carry medium-weight loads and then folded back away into storage or in the trunk of the car. And that’s exactly what the Mac looks like: a utility wagon for shopping items, trips to the park, and maybe even trips to the beach too.

The best thing about the Mac Sports Utility Wagon is that the frame is extremely durable and built to last, but the collapsible undercarriage could be a problem if you were preparing it for transport and a little finger got in the way.

This model comes in a range of colors and the fabric is both mildew and UV sunlight resistant to fading. Seeing as this utility model lends itself to lugging heavy, and possibly dirty loads around, it’s probably a good idea to go with a darker fabric color is you don’t want to have to wash and wipe your wagon down after every use.

3 Reasons To Buy It

  • Perfect for gardening, shopping, sports gear, or the beach
  • Sets up and folds down in seconds
  • Budget-friendly

3. Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon for Kids and Cargo

Radio Flyer Ultimate-EZ-Folding Wagon for kids and cargo
  • Weight Capacity: 120 lbs

Even though the Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon doesn’t change into different shapes like the 3-in-1 model, it still has all the signature features that make the Radio Flyer brand the toy industry standard for all things wagon-related.

The colors of the Ultimate model are picked out in grey, this is a good choice for any parent who doesn’t want to wipe down white materials all the time when they show the dirt. The Radio Flyer EZ-Folding Wagon comes with a canopy, folds out into the cutest 2-seater wagon, and is the best kids covered wagon for a day out in the sun.

The canopy that comes with the Radio Flyer Ultimate has UV sunlight blocking capabilities. So, it doesn’t just provide its little passengers with shade, but sun protection as well. It has easy one-hand foldability owing to the well thought out frame and collapsible undercarriage. It’s a real breeze to fold up for storage or to pop into the trunk of a car. If you are new to setting up collapsible or folding wagons, it might take you a few tries until you can unfold the wagon and set it up for use. But, once you have the hang of it, it will be as easy to set the wagon up, as it is to collapse and fold it.

The Ultimate has a set weight capacity of 120 lbs, which makes it ideal for transporting two small children of one and a half years and up.

What your kids will love about their Radio Flyer Ultimate is that, unlike many other kids’ wagons that collapse, this model not only folds away but has a canopy and seats that have been purpose-built for small passengers. Because the Ultimate was made especially for transporting children, it has comfortable seats with proper back support and seatbelts for additional safety. However, just because the Ultimate is lightweight and easy to transport, it doesn’t mean it isn’t capable of multiple uses besides being used as a toy.

The Ultimate might have a smaller interior with slightly less space than other models in the Radio Flyer range, but it’s still able to handle an average week’s shopping, sporting gear, or other items that lend themselves to wagon transport. If you plan on taking this model to a picnic spot or play with the kids in the park, it has two handy cupholders in the wagon interior for the kids’ drinks and two cupholders on the exterior for the parents’ water bottles. This is a good way to allow the parent who’s pulling the wagon to have their hands-free and a drink on hand when it gets hot.

3 Reasons To Buy It

  • Toy Safety Standard approved (as are all Radio Flyer wagons)
  • Telescoping handle makes it more compact
  • Sun protection canopy

4. Radio Flyer 36″ All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon

  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs

Take one look at the tires on the All-Terrain Radio Flyer wagon in steel and wood, and you know immediately that it can handle any surface you can throw at it. It is utilitarian and rugged, but still with that whimsical Radio Flyer classic coloring and style that will get your kids’ imaginations going.

The All-Terrain is one of the longest length wagons on the market with large, chunky wheels. Radio Flyer is a toy company based in Chicago that has been producing kids wagons since 1917, and this heritage brand is synonymous with childhood. The All-Terrain lives up to the Radio Flyer brand with its durability and features. If you want an archetypal kid’s wooden wagon, this is the model for you.

The durable wooden materials that make up the wagon frame is positioned on a metal undercarriage. This wood and metal combination along with the 10” wheels are what most people have in their minds when they think about kids’ wagons. The wide wheels are ideal for pulling small children all over the yard and inside the house. How many kids you can fit into this hard-wearing model wagon is up to you. The 40.5” length can accommodate two children aged one and a half years and up.

3 Reasons To Buy It

  • One of the largest wagons available on the market
  • Controlled turning radius
  • Metal undercarriage and wooden sides

5. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Utility Beach Wagon

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Utility Beach Wagon
  • Weight Capacity: 150 lbs

This Mac Sports beach wagon has extra-large wheels which makes it the best choice for families looking for a wagon for the beach. It’s also great for other outdoor uses such as sporting events or picnics.

If you are a fan of the Mac Sports’ utilitarian look and capabilities, you will already have a good idea about what this durable brand offers over other foldable wagons in its class. This beach wagon isn’t a toy wagon for kids, but don’t let this put you off keeping one of these folded up in your trunk for picnics on the beach, or other areas where towing gear is better made in one trip.

The Heavy Duty Utility Beach Wagon isn’t designed or colored to have loads of appeal to kids: it looks more like a cross between a golf bag and a golf cart mixed together. But it won’t be the end of the world if your kids decide they want to hop inside it and be taken for a pull around the yard. However, it should be seen as more of a transport device for kids to load up with their favorite toys and tow around the garden, than as something for them to climb into themselves.

This model is 31.8” in length and provides more than enough space for gear, goods, and toys to be carried around. The main feature is its foldability and compact 9.7” thickness which makes it perfect for storage and folding away into a car trunk. The material attached to the wagon frame doesn’t have to be removed before folding, which adds to the fast setup and folds down of the model. Once again, it is recommended that little fingers are kept away during the set and fold down, in case they get pinched by the steel undercarriage collapsing.

3 Reasons To Buy It

  • Foldable design
  • Large all-terrain wheels
  • Compact storage

6. Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon

  • Weight Capacity: 150 lbs

If you imagine your small child toddling along, pulling a wagon full of toys behind them, the respected wagon company’s Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon is what you will have in your mind’s eye. This is the wagon that will look absolutely perfect in the corner of your kid’s bedroom full of their favorite toys. It is a distinctive design of the classic wagon for kids, and if you are looking for a real head-turner, this is the model for you.

Why the Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon is such a head-turner is because it pushes the nostalgia buttons. The chances are that you will be stopped by folks wanting to reminisce if you take the Classic to the park with you, so prepare yourself for lots of admiration.

The Classic today is more compact, which means it can be used by kids in a younger age bracket. The drawback is that it can’t be used by the parent to tow the child around as the sides are too low down, and there are no purpose-made seats. It does have smooth, rounded edges that will never hurt little limbs that trip over, and is free from any collapsible steel undercarriage parts that could squash small fingers.

The Classic is small, versatile, and, weighing slightly over 3 lbs, and 19” in weight, is light as well. If you aren’t tempted to buy the Classic to tow toys from the sitting room to the kids’ room, then you are missing out on this wonderful convenient toy transport device.

3 Reasons To Buy It

  • Lightweight
  • The short length makes it suitable for storing in kids’ bedroom
  • Toy transportation

7. Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

  • Weight Capacity: 35 lbs

There are many push wagons on the market. They are ideal items for toddlers to push along the carpet in the sitting room, and even great for helping with baby’s first steps. How does the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon measure up against the dozens of walker models out there?

Yet another little red wagon from the Radio Flyer Chicago-based factory, but this one is mainly for pushing, not pulling. Even though the Walker is designed to look like a wagon, it is the ideal height for a baby to pull themselves up by using the handle and even take their first tentative steps by leaning forward. The Walker is very well balanced, so there is no danger of the wagon tipping over when there is weight applied to the handle.

The wagon weighs 13 lbs in total, so it is dense enough to balance out the weight of a baby using it to pull up, but not so heavy as to move forward with difficulty. This is because the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon has resist-push technology that counteracts a baby or toddler from losing balance or moving forward at a pace that will startle them or cause them to fall.

The wagon is made from natural wood on the sides that give the walker its stability and also stops the materials from overheating if left in the sun. If you are looking for a well-made, cute-looking walker for your baby to learn to pull themselves up against, this is the model for you. The Radio Flyer Walker provides the correct balance, speed, and height.

3 Reasons To Buy It

  • Can be used to cart around toys
  • Bigger children can push smaller ones around
  • Removable rails

8. Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon

  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs

Radio Flyer has left their classical and traditional wagon designs behind with the Pathfinder. The best thing about the Radio Flyer brand is they are a tried, tested, and trusted company that can be relied upon to cross every “T” and dot every “I” as far as safety and comfort are concerned. With their Pathfinder, they actually won children’s toy awards and can boast of winning the National Parents’ Center Seal of Approval and Parent’s Choice Award.

One look at the Pathfinder’s heavy axles, rubber tires, and purpose-made plastic body, in the Radio Flyer signature red color, and you can see that it is ideal for their recommended ages of toddlers one and half years and up.

The Pathfinder comes with two built-in seats that fold back if you want to change it from a passenger vehicle to a traditional wagon for toys and other items. There is ample space for little feet inside when the seats are in position, and seat belts for safety as well. There is a long handle, making it easier to pull around, and it folds up for storage or when you need to carry it in the trunk of a car.

This model is easy to turn and lends itself well to heavy-duty usage. If it gets dirty, the Pathfinder has holes at the bottom that allows water to drain out after being hosed down.

3 Reasons To Buy It

  • Optional storage compartment
  • No-tip turning
  • Dura-Tred tires

9. Step2 Wagon for 2 Plus

  • Weight Capacity: 75 lbs

If you want to see the best smile on your kid’s face, you should watch them when they open the door to find the Step2 Wagon for 2 in their room. It comes in classic color choices of red and green in addition to blue. The shape and design will make a little child imagine they are in their very own carriage or car. You can choose to add a clip-on canopy at a later date as well.

The Step2 for 2 plus is just right for two pre-school toddlers to play in and around. The door can easily be opened by little hands and the two chairs have seat belts. There is even additional storage space underneath. The Step2can be used in a variety of ways in a family of any number.

One parent pulling two kids inside, one older child pulling a smaller child, a school-going child pulling two pre-school siblings along, a small child pushing their toys in the wagon: the ways the Step2 can be used by any family is too numerous to list.

If you don’t have a classic wagon design in mind, you can do no better than choosing the Step2 Wagon for Two Plus as the best wagon for your pre-school kids.

3 Reasons To Buy It

  • Lightweights
  • Easy to setup
  • Wipe clean

10. WHITSUNDAY Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon

  • Weight Capacity: 120 lbs

If you are looking for the best multipurpose collapsible folding wagon for your garden or park picnics, WHITSUNDAY is another great choice. It can handle your picnic food, blanket, toys, and even makes a trip to the beach a breeze. This is a cart with easy maneuverability and effortless transport solutions. Even though the Whitsunday is more of a trolley than a wagon, and definitely isn’t for kids to hop in and beg for a ride around the garden, no wagon list would be complete without this durable and sturdy model on it.

Whitsunday is a trusted name for camping, park trips, and carrying around heavy equipment up to 120 lb in weight. Because it makes light work of heavy loads, it saves your back and arms from having to carry awkward items around. Keep this wagon in the garage for pulling heavy loads to and from your car. The adjustable handle ensures any family member can use it without hurting their back bending uncomfortably.

The Whitsunday collapses down into a flat, towable shape that fits easily into the trunk of any car. The undercarriage is strong, and the tires are made from durable, solid rubber. If you like a range of color choices, the Whitsunday comes in 7 different ones. You can choose a darker one if you don’t like materials that show the dirt.

3 Reasons To Buy It

  • Multi-purpose trolley design
  • 360-Degree swivel wheels
  • Wide range of color options

Wagons for Kids Safety Checklist

As with any product designed for use by children, it’s important to consider some of the safety aspects involved.


Buckle Up!

Almost all of the wagons designed for kids to ride on feature a safety belt. Remind your children to always wear the seatbelt when riding in the wagon and help them to create a habit of it. Accidents happen and a safety belt can prevent a very nasty head injury!


Don’t Overload

If the wagon is designed for only two kids, you might be tempted to squeeze in a third for convenience. Simply put – don’t. Each wagon is designed with a specific weight maximum. By exceeding this, you’ll put strain on the wheel axles and risk breaking the wagon.


Utility Wagons

Most utility wagons are designed only for carting goods and not children. Unless it’s specified as dual-purpose, don’t let your children ride in utility-only wagons. Aside from not having any seatbelts, the frame isn’t designed for that kind of weight distribution.


Always Supervise

A wagon is the type of toy that can keep a child occupied for hours. Aside from just carting your child, they can also use their wagon to cart their own toys and teddies around the house or garden. While it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your children while they play, some extra supervision is needed when children are playing in a group. Falls are the leading cause of injury in young children and are more likely to happen when there’s more than one child playing with the wagon at once.

Things to Consider When Buying a Wagon for Kids

The most important factor that should influence your decision is the price. Like any family, working within a budget is not just good financial sense but also a great thing to teach your children. There are many wagon models on the market, and they range in price from under $70 all the way up to pass the $300 margin. When you know how much you can afford to spend on buying a wagon for your kid, you can look at the models and features within that price range.


Not all wagons can handle heavy weights pulled over short to medium-length distances. It’s important to check the model you want to buy won’t break or buckle due to overloading. You can look at the age group range the wagon had been manufactured for, because the age brackets are correlated to weight.

If your child is larger or taller than the national average (you can find this out from your nearest family healthcare provider), you must buy your kid’s wagon in a higher age category. What also should be taken into consideration is for what use is the wagon intended besides pulling your child around the yard and up the road.

Every surface the wagon rolls over will impact the efficiency of the wagon’s ability to roll smoothly. If your yard is full of long grass or the cul-de-sac in which you live is cobbled, you will have to buy a wagon specially manufactured for bumps, grass, sand, or tarmac. Wagons are wonderful toys for use indoors and outdoors, and while it might roll perfectly over carpets and wooden floors, ensure the one you buy can handle outdoor surfaces as well.

If your children’s age range is wider, say from 2 to 6 years, try to take this into account when buying the wagon.


Some families love the toy designs of yesteryear, and some prefer toys that look futuristic. You are the best judge of what you want your child’s wagon to look like, so make sure the wagon design fits in with the rest of your aesthetic. If you are spending more on buying a wagon for your kid, it’s essential that they love the way it looks as well. Some of the design choices you can make are:

  • Classic
  • Advanced
  • Futuristic
  • Foldable
  • Favorite cartoon character decals
  • Metal or wooden
  • Canopied
  • 2-seater

It can take a bit of time to compare each wagon design and decide on a favorite. Keep in mind that the wagon can grow to become a beloved family heirloom if you are planning on buying one in the upper price range, so choose materials that will last longer.

If you have toddlers, it might be better to look at wagon models with higher side panels. This is a handy feature for smaller kids, as they can hold onto the sides. Many wagon models come with seat belts included so there is no chance of toddlers standing or clambering out when the wagon is moving.

A good idea is for you to shortlist your chosen top three wagon models, and then allow your kid to make the final choice between those three. If you are buying the wagon online for a special occasion, check what is the delivery date and then also leave a margin for late deliveries.


The wagon undercarriage includes metal parts, usually made of steel. If you have ordered your wagon online, it will arrive in a flat pack, and needs to be assembled together using the nuts and bolts found in a plastic packet inside the box. You use these to secure each wheel to the body of the wagon, and this has to be done according to the instructions in order for the wagon to be able to carry its intended weight.

Before buying, you should take a close look at the wagon’s specification (or read a buying guide) so you will know what it has the capacity to pull and over which surfaces. If the wagon model you are wanting to buy in your price range doesn’t have a metal undercarriage, this will affect the amount of weight in can carry and surfaces on which it can roll.

Body Frame

The wagon frame is comprised of a flatbed and four sides. It’s the place where the “passenger” sits and also where you can pile in toys and other items needed for transporting around. The sides of the body frame should be high enough so that items don’t fall out and easy enough for any little passenger to hold onto the sides.

When a wagon has a metal undercarriage, this usually means it will have a matching metal or wooden body frame. Some wagon models have adjustable body frame sides, ones that collapse for easy transport, and removable wheels that fold away and make the wagon more compact for storage.


One of the more identifiable features of a kids’ wagon is the handle. Some are plastic and others are made from steel. They can be folded back under the wagon body frame, which will save others from tripping over it.

If you plan on spending a lot of time pulling your child around behind you, it’s important to make sure the wagon handle is long enough for you to hold comfortably without bending down. It might seem like no big deal to have a short handle on the wagon for the first few minutes, but consider a ten-minute walk to the store bending and pulling, and you will realize why long handles are a better idea.

If you have an independent child who is more likely to be controlling the wagon themselves, a wagon with a short handle might be a better idea. Shorter handles maneuver better in tight spaces. A surefire way of getting the length you like is to choose a model with an adjustable or telescopic handle.

If the wagon model is wood or steel, the handle must be attached to the axle, not the body frame. Handles on axles turn the front wheels and make it easier to control the wagon.


Anything with wheels has to be double-checked by the parent to ensure the safety features are operative. Kids wagon manufacturers take product safety very seriously, but this doesn’t mean you can skip being protective and cautious. Safety is one thing a parent will never leave up to a stranger.

When your child begins to want to play outside or has access to other people’s houses with outside facilities, it’s up to you to insist upon the toys and wagon they use has the necessary safety features:

  • Seatbelts with buckle to ensure the child is strapped in. This protects against falls if the wagon tips over.
  • The wagon should be equipped with wheels that can be used indoors and outdoors, without damaging the lawn or carpet.
  • High-quality parts that have been assembled together correctly. When your child is being pulled, it’s no time for the wagon to break apart.
  • Smooth edges and corners.
  • The handle should be long and never pivot around unexpectedly.
  • Bumpers and axles are a good feature for your kids’ wagon to have.


Kids’ wagons come with two types of wheels: steel or pneumatic. They both have their pros and cons and go better with different surfaces. It all depends on what you plan to use the wagon. Indoor use requires a lighter wheel made of softer rubber, as these won’t scratch floors or drag on carpets.

If your family loves the outdoors and plan on taking the wagon with you for trips to the beach or camping site, a sturdy all-terrain wagon pneumatic wheel is best. They are air-filled and roll lightly over many different surfaces.

When your kids’ wagon is mainly used for tarmac or cement roads and sidewalks, then a steel wheel covered with rubber tires is the best choice.

Never let the price of the wagon make you compromise on any of the features mentioned here. If you are tall and plan on taking the wagon to the beach with you, don’t let a cheaper price wagon tempt you into settling for one that has a short handle and rubber-covered steel wheels. This will only cause you irritation in the long run when your back hurts and the wagon gets stuck in the sand.

What Type of Materials Are Best for Wagons?

Metal Wagons

Metal wagons are the archetypal kid’s wagon seen in movies and images all over the world. If your family prefers classic toys that are sturdy and hardy, then a metal wagon is for you. They are suitable for all kinds of terrain, except those with heavy snow and rainfall, sea air, or extreme heat. These climates will make a metal wagon rust, as well as being dangerous to a child when the metal becomes too hot or cold.

Metal wagons do dent and the paintwork can scratch, but many families love the patina created by this wear and tear, as it adds to the wagon’s character.

Wood Wagons

Wooden wagons are also a classic wagon material. If you live in an area where the climate causes wood to weaken and splinter, you should try and get a wooden wagon model that is weatherproof painted.

Plastic Wagons

Plastic wagon models are very popular for younger children and toddlers. It is the safest material for any climate as it doesn’t heat up too much in the sun or freeze and rust in rain and snow. Plastic is lighter than metal or wood, and this makes it more prone to tipping over. However, because of the lack of sharp edges, plastic wagons don’t cause injury.

The drawback to buying plastic wagon is they look generic and mass-produced, with a tendency to pronounced wear and tear, especially when used outside. If you don’t plan on turning your kid’s wagon into a family treasure or using it to transfer heavier items or two passengers, the plastic kids’ wagon might be a perfect choice.

If wagon assembly is not something you want to spend your afternoon doing, it also might be best to skip buying a wagon that needs to be put together at home and buy one that has already been assembled.

Final Thoughts

Some of the best wagons for kids on the market can fit up to two children inside; others are strictly for toys or gear. It doesn’t really matter what design a wagon is, a child will be able to find a way to have fun with it, enough to keep them happy for hours.

The most respected kids’ toys brands have been in the wagon-making business for over 100 years. They each have a distinct appearance and features. If you choose your kids’ wagon carefully, it could become a beloved children’s plaything for many years to come.

Wagons don’t use batteries, they help develop imaginations, playtime, and responsibility in tidying up. The social skills and outside adaptability mean wagons will remain on Santa’s Wish List for at least another 100 years.

Top Pick
Radio Flyer 3-In-1 Wagon with Canopy

A full-sized wagon for kids that folds compactly and features 3 options: 2-kid riding, utility wagon, or use as a bench!

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