Kiddie Pool with a Slide

The Best Kiddie Pool With a Slide

The summer is approaching, and with it, the hot and bothered children begging to be taken to the beach, the pool, or the water park. Too far, too expensive, too time-consuming, or inconvenient to travel? Why not set up a temporary mini water park in your backyard? 

An inflatable kiddie pool with a slide can be set up in a few minutes and enjoyed by even the smallest toddlers who don’t yet know how to swim. Although adult supervision is a must when playing around with water of any type, adults don’t need to get right in the water with them and can supervise from nearby.

Intex Rainbow Ring

Intex Rainbow Ring

Attach a garden hose to turn on the water sprinkler on the rainbow that arches across the pool, and there are numerous activity options. A ring toss game, a ball toss, and ball roller ramps can be enjoyed with the included inflatable rings and six plastic balls.

Safety Tips

The most important safety consideration that you should take into account is drowning. Pools do not have to be deep to pose a danger to children. Young children can drown in as little as two inches of water, and most drownings for young children happen when they should not be swimming in the first place. If possible, pools should be covered when not in use, but covers are not really practical for inflatable kiddie pools that are on our list. For this reason, it’s best to empty the water from the pool after every use so that children will not be tempted to sneak out to play in the water without adult supervision.

Aside from preventing drowning, draining your pool on a regular can also keep harmful waterborne bacteria away. Larger pools don’t have this issue because chlorine can be added, but this is not recommended for inflatable children’s wading pools. This is because the correct amount of chlorine can be difficult to determine, and this type of pool has no filter that can remove particles that could prevent the chlorine from working.

If you are using your inflatable pool to host a group of children at a party or playdate, ensure that you review safety rules with the whole group ahead of time. Limit the number of children on the inflatable at one time to what the product can safely hold. And a useful skill to have in case the worst happens is poolside first aid.

Finally, if some group members are younger, verify ahead of time that everyone using the pool is potty trained and if not, be sure they are wearing a swim diaper. The absolute last thing you want to do is have to stop everyone’s fun to clean up an accident and sterilize your inflatable pool!

Our Top 8 Choices

The inflatable kiddie pools we’ve gathered on our list include multiple play features, including slides, water sprayers that must be hooked up to a garden hose, and additional activities such as ring toss or ball rollers. They can inflate or deflate in minutes, and although there is some light maintenance and cleaning involved, it’s not to the degree a bigger, more permanent pool would require. 

An inflatable pool can be packed away for another day when you’re done using it, freeing up your yard space for other activities, such as water table play. We’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite inflatable kid’s pools with slides, and there’s something for everyone here, whether you’re shopping for a toddler or a group of older children. 

Small Splash

1. Intex Rainbow Ring

Intex Rainbow Ring

100 gal

118.8″ x 192″ x 66.12″

Recommended Age:
2 – 7 years

Weight Capacity:

The Intex Rainbow Ring inflatable pool is big enough to keep multiple children busy all day! It’s not just one pool, but two, with a larger pool (measuring approximately 8 inches deep) to splash in and an inflatable slide that leads to a shallower wading pool. The main pool has a maximum capacity of 54 gallons, while the smaller wading pool has a maximum capacity of 46 gallons.

This inflatable kiddie pool with a slide also comes with some extra fun features. There’s a blow-up rainbow arch across the main pool with an attached ring toss game (the four rings included are inflatable, so it won’t hurt if anyone accidentally gets bonked in the head), and there’s also a ball toss game that kids can play with six plastic balls included. Roll the balls down the ramp on the side of the pool and watch them fall in the water – there are two ramps, so you can even race them!

The Intex Rainbow Ring pool for kids also has a water spray feature in the inflatable rainbow. You’ll have to hook up a hose to the pool for this feature, but a hose does not need to be attached if you want to fill the pool with water. Each of the two pools has a drain plug for ease of emptying. An air pump for inflation is not included, but there is a patch kit in case of holes.

2. Intex Dinoland

Intex Diamond

74 gal

131″ x 90″ x 44″

Recommended Age:
2 – 7 years

Weight Capacity:

A cousin of the Intex Rainbow Ring, the Intex Dinoland Inflatable Kiddie Pool With a Slide includes variations of many of the same features, plus the addition of some fun inflatable dinosaurs! There’s a fun ring toss game with four inflatable rings and several protrusions from the inflatable arch where you can try and make the rings land. One of the dinosaurs holds another inflatable hoop, and the pool comes with six balls to toss through. There’s also a fun ramp to roll the balls down and watch them splash into the water!

The Intex Dinoland kiddie pool is a wading pool measuring only 6 inches deep. An inflatable slide joins two sections of the wading pool. This pool will hold a total of 74 gallons when filled up to the safety line on the pool. There’s a drain plug at the bottom of the pool for convenience emptying the water, and it comes with a repair patch kit as well in case of accidental leaks. The inflatable arch, made to look like a dino’s tail, is movable and, when hooked up to a hose, will spray water for another fun element.

This pool is large enough and has a big enough assortment of activities that it’s great for accommodating several children at once. Due to its relatively shallow depth and smaller slide, it’s best for younger children.

3. Hesung Play Center

Hesung Inflatable Play Center

186 gal

115″ x 70″ x 44″

Recommended Age:
3 + years

Weight Capacity:
Not Specified

Enjoy the fun of a water park in your backyard all summer long! The Hesung Play Centre inflatable kiddie pool with a slide is made of high-quality, long-lasting anti-UV materials. The latest in PVC technologies, this pool is made from 0.42 mm thick naphthalene, which is 80% thicker than the materials of most competitors’ pools. If you want to leave your inflatable pool set up all summer long, the material offers a level of protection that will prevent the plastic from degrading under the sun. The thickness of the material reduces the risk of punctures, further extending the lifespan of your pool.

This inflatable kids pool with a slide has two pools, allowing it to hold up to 4 children. The larger pool features an arch, shaped like a donut for a touch of whimsy, which sprays water (must be connected to a garden host to work). The smaller pool includes a ball roller, four plastic balls to play with, and two inflatable rings. An inflatable slide connects the deeper pool to the shallower wading pool below.

The Hesung Multifunction Inflatable Play Center comes with four patch repair kits if you should puncture your pool. This large pool can inflate with an electric air pump in only one minute, so set up is easy. This kids pool with slides is an excellent option for a sturdy pool that will keep a group of kids entertained for hours of summer fun.

4. Bestway Lava Inflatable

Bestway Lava

55 gal

104.33″ x 40.94″ x 104.33″

Recommended Age:
18 months – 5 years

Weight Capacity:
Not Specified

With a fun volcano theme, the Bestway Lava Inflatable Kiddie Pool With a Slide will be sure to delight toddlers! This pool is not as deep as some of the other play options on our list, so it’s ideal for younger toddlers to splash around in. The slide on this pool is even detachable, making it easy if you want to remove the slide and use a bigger area of the pool for a group of toddlers. When you’re finished splashing for the day, a drain in the bottom of the pool will empty it without any fuss.

The Bestway Lava Kiddie Pool has multiple play options available. Besides the detachable slide, there’s also a detachable component at the entrance to the pool, providing an additional place for kids to play or sit. Enter the pool through the volcano arch, which, when attached to a garden hose, will spray water from the top just like a volcano exploding with lava! There’s a ring toss game with an inflatable ring included and a ball roller with four balls for kids to enjoy. Inflatable palm trees complete the volcanic setting.

The Bestway Lava Inflatable Kiddie Pool with a Slide offers multiple play options and flexibility with detachable components for young toddlers. Splash on!

5. Intex Jungle Adventure

Intex Jungle Adventure

130 gal

96″ x 79.2″ x 28.8″

Recommended Age:
2 – 5 years

Weight Capacity:

Another entry in the Intex family of inflatable kiddie pools with slides, the Intex Jungle Adventure may be smaller, but it still offers a lot. The rectangular pool has a larger, shallow wading pool and a smaller pool with an integrated water spray feature. An inflatable slide leads from the deeper pool to the shallow one, featuring many play elements.

A funky blowup flamingo makes the perfect target for the ring toss game, inflatable hippo and alligator mouths on the bottom of the pool, a flamingo wall with spaces for balls, and an inflatable arch with a hanging monkey will be sure to keep the little ones entertained.

The Intex Jungle Adventure Inflatable Kiddie Pool with a Slide comes with a landing mat at the bottom of the slide for some extra padding. There’s also a drain at the bottom of the pool to make it easy to change the water. This pool can hold a maximum capacity of 130 gallons, but the manufacturer warns you not to fill it up past the maximum water level line. Overall, this pool is fantastic for toddlers and preschoolers.

6. Posch Sports Flamingo Inflatable

Posh Sports Flamingo

170 gal

96.5″ x 62″ x 37″

Recommended Age:
18 months – 5 years

Weight Capacity:
Not Specified

The Posch Sports Flamingo Inflatable Kiddie Pool With a Slide might have fewer bells and whistles than some of its competitors, but a few key features make this kids pool stand out from the rest. It’s made of plastic that is 85% thicker than most other similar pools on the market, which reduces the risk of punctures.

The design features one large but fairly shallow pool with a funky flamingo head at one end and a detachable, inflatable slide that will fit anywhere on the pool, so you can make the setup work for you however you want. This pool has a clever miniature pool for foot washing that you can attach to the slide’s base, so little feet covered in mud or grass clippings won’t track dirt into the main pool. The pool also features a water sprayer when connected to a garden hose.

Because the Posch Sports Flamingo Inflatable Kiddie Pool With a Slide is smaller than some of the other pools on the list, it is best for young toddlers. It’s quick to set up with an air pump and stores easily, so this is an excellent option for families who might be short on space.

Big Splash

7. Action Air Waterslide

Action Air Waterslide

Not Specified

180″ x 126″ x 96″

Recommended Age:
3 – 5 years

Weight Capacity:

To entertain a big crowd in the backyard, you need a BIG inflatable kiddie pool with a slide! One of the biggest entries on our list, the Action Air Inflatable Waterslide Park, can hold a maximum of 200 pounds combined weight of all users, meaning you can easily get a small crowd of four children aged between 3 and 10 together! Perfect for birthday parties, playdates, backyard barbeques, or just a few siblings having a fun afternoon in the yard together. 

Measuring roughly 10.5 feet wide, 15 feet long, and over 8 feet tall, there are multiple features on this inflatable slide that will keep kids entertained for hours of wet and wild outside fun. A climbing wall with footholds and handles leads to the top of the slide, almost eight feet above the ground. Hook the pool up to a hose to turn the water sprayer and a water cannon on! Slide down and splash into the pool that’s waiting at the bottom! There’s also a crawl-through tunnel under the slide.

Made of premium heavy-duty nylon and reinforced stitching, this inflatable waterslide stands up to heavy use with ease and won’t rip or puncture. Although it is huge, it inflates in just minutes. An electric air pump is included to make the setup convenient and fast. When you’re finished playing with it, simply deflate, let dry, fold, and store the Action Air Inflatable Kiddie Pool with a Slide in the storage bag included.

The pump fits in the bag, so you can find everything quickly the next time you want to use it. For safety, this product also comes with lawn stakes to keep the inflatable waterslide from moving around and a repair kit with patches in case of accidental punctures or tears. 

8. Banzai Surfer Rider

Banzai Surf Rider

Not Specified

211″ x 114″ x 95″

Recommended Age:
3 – 10 years

Weight Capacity:

Who needs a trip to the waterpark when you have the Banzai Surfer Rider Inflatable Kiddie Pool with a Slide in your backyard? This is one of the biggest entries on our list, sure to be enjoyed by children between the ages of 3 and 10. The maximum weight for a single person for this inflatable slide is 120 lbs, and the combined weight of all users at the same time should not exceed a total of 150 lbs.

This slide might be difficult for young toddlers to manage, but older children will be entertained for hours. First, hook up the garden hose to the Banzai Surfer Rider so the overhead sprinkler can get the slide nice and wet. Climb the wall using the footholds and handles, then slide down the 7-foot high slide to land with a splash in the pool below! A second water sprayer at the bottom of the slide will make things extra refreshing on a hot day.

This is the priciest option on our list, but if you have multiple children to entertain in the backyard all summer, this inflatable slide and pool will pay for itself. Set up is remarkably quick considering its size – simply unfold the kiddie pool with a slide, inflate it in less than two minutes using the included air pump, and you will be good to go!

Because of its large size, this inflatable slide also comes with ground stakes to keep things secured and four repair patches in case of punctures. You may want to leave this kiddie pool with a slide set up for an extended time, but be sure to empty the water in the pool between uses if you do. For convenience, this product comes with a bag for easy storage. 

How do You Keep Your Pool in Top Knotch?

Keep an Eye Out for Punctures and Rips

If you notice that your pool is beginning to deflate and suspect there may be a leak, the good news is that most of the pools on our list come with repair patches included. If your pool doesn’t have one of these kits or multiple repair jobs are needed, a few pieces of heavy-duty duct tape should do the trick. 

When you locate the rip or puncture in your pool, mark it with a permanent marker or put a small piece of tape next to the spot so that you can find it easily. Then, empty your pool, deflate it, and allow time for the inflatable to fully dry before you begin to repair it. Always read your user manual, too, as the manufacturer may have recommendations specific to your particular model.

Keep it Clean

The best way to keep the water in your inflatable kiddie pool with a slide clean and fresh is by changing it regularly. Drain the water at the end of every day (most inflatable kiddie pools will have a drain plug in the bottom that you just need to pull out). Stagnant water can become a breeding ground for insects and bacteria, and your pool can also collect yard detritus such as grass clippings, dirt, leaves, or small sticks. After every use, empty your pool – most of the pools on our list include a plug for easy drainage.

If you plan to use the pool again tomorrow, it should be okay to leave it inflated in the yard, but if you don’t plan to use it again for a few days, it’s a good idea to let it fully dry in the sun before cleaning and putting it away. Once your pool has drained, take a bucket of water, add a few drops of gentle soap, such as eco-friendly dish soap, and get it nice and foamy. Then take a sponge or soft cloth and begin to scrub down the surface of your pool. 

Make sure that you get all the little nooks and crannies because that’s where mold and mildew are most likely to grow. Once you’ve finished scrubbing, you can give the pool a quick hose down to rinse away any leftover soap, then leave the pool to dry in the sun. The sun works as a natural disinfectant, so this is an important step! Once your pool is clean and dry, it’s ready to be stored away for next time.

Your user manual might have specific instructions about what types of cleaners are safe to use, so be sure to check there first. If there are no special instructions, any general cleaner you use in your home should work fine. Spray some on a soft cloth and then wipe the pool down, waiting a few minutes to be sure everything is dry before storing. It’s important to make sure your inflatable pool is always dry before folding it for storage so that no mold or mildew accumulates in the crevices.

Features to Look For a Kiddie Pool with a Slide

The Space You Have Available      

One of the biggest factors you’ll want to consider when deciding on an inflatable pool for kids is how much space you have available. Measure your outdoor space, and then compare it to the dimensions of the inflatable. Pay attention to vertical height, as well – some of the bigger inflatable slides on our list are tall enough that they could be higher than the roof of a one-story house or garage.

If you plan to put your pool on a hard surface like a patio or deck, consider one of the smaller wading style pools, as the bigger inflatable kiddie pool with a slide on our list is recommended to be set up on the ground only as they are must be staked down. 

Ensure that your garden hose can reach the area you have chosen to use the water spraying features. Other considerations should be whether or not you should place your pool under a tree (pros: it will be in the shade, where the sun will pose less risk of degrading the plastic; cons: leaves, twigs, and other small detritus might fall in the water). You’ll also probably want to make sure there is open space on all sides of the pool so that children running in and out of the water will have space to move around.

The Cost of Water

An additional expense to think about when budgeting for your inflatable kiddie pool with a slide is how much it will cost to fill it up with water. For safety reasons, it is necessary to change the water in your pool daily, so it does not become contaminated. Think about how big the pool capacity you are considering is, and then consider how often you plan to use the pool.

There are several pools on our list with a capacity of over 100 gallons, and if you’re planning to use your pool daily, this might make for an unpleasant surprise on your water bill. If you choose a smaller pool or plan to use your inflatable pool only occasionally, then the additional cost of water might not be a big factor for you.

Pay Attention to the Recommended Age

Consider the children’s ages you’re purchasing the inflatable kid’s pool with slide for. Some of the pools on our list are considerably smaller than others or have a smaller range of activities. A two-year-old would probably have a great time with a slide that is only two feet high, but a seven-year-old may be disappointed. 

On the flip side, the seven-year-old would likely be thrilled by a seven-foot-high climbing wall and similarly big slide, but a toddler might not be able to climb up on her own and become overwhelmed by the size. Look at pictures, check out the dimensions, and note the recommended age range to make sure you choose a suitable inflatable pool and slide for the age of the children you’re purchasing for.

How Difficult is it to Maintain?

Any type of pool will require some maintenance. An inflatable children’s pool will require less maintenance than an in-ground pool, but it’s still not something that you should just set up and leave for the whole summer. Emptying the pool of its water regularly, cleaning, and drying fully before putting it away will help prolong the life of your inflatable pool, giving you many summers’ worth of fun.

How Often do You Have to Replace the Water?

It’s best to change the water in your inflatable kiddie pool with a slide every day. Bigger inflatable pools with covers are fine to leave set up for an extended time, as you can treat the water with chlorine tablets. The cover will keep curious kids (and animals!) out of the pool, but a cover won’t work with an inflatable kiddie pool with a slide like the ones on our list. Stagnant water can become a health risk as it can be a breeding ground for insects. It’s unsafe to have an uncovered pool in the yard where a child might get in due to possible drowning risk. Your pool should be emptied and cleaned every day for optimal use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Leave It In The Hot Sun?

It’s not recommended to leave an inflatable pool in the hot sun for an extended period. Over time, the sun’s rays can contribute to the deterioration of the plastic, making the pool more vulnerable to punctures and leaks. Setting up the pool in a sunny area for a few hours should be fine, but if it’s in full sun, it is a good idea to deflate the pool and store it inside until the next time you want to use it. If you plan to leave your inflatable kiddie pool with a slide set up for several days at a time, it’s recommended to try and do this in a shady spot.

How Long Can You Keep Water In an Inflatable Pool?

If your inflatable pool does not have a cover, like the options on our list, it’s best to regularly change the water in your pool. Leave it no longer than a day before draining and refilling. Stagnant water can become a breeding ground for insects and become a health risk. There’s also a risk of your kiddie pool with a slide becoming contaminated with bacteria. There is a safety component as well – a pool of water might prove irresistible to young kids, and they might try to play in it unsupervised. It’s best to change the water daily and let the pool dry fully in the sun before putting it away.

Are Pumps Included?

No, in most cases, air pumps do not come included with an inflatable pool and must be purchased separately. In cases where a kiddie pool comes with the pump included, it is noted in the product review. If you are purchasing an inflatable pool with a slide, not on our list, read the product description carefully to determine whether or not a pump is included. Before you purchase a pump, check the size of the hole in your pool to make sure that you buy the correct size pump. 

Intex Rainbow Ring

Intex Rainbow Ring

Attach a garden hose to turn on the water sprinkler on the rainbow that arches across the pool, and there are numerous activity options. A ring toss game, a ball toss, and ball roller ramps can be enjoyed with the included inflatable rings and six plastic balls.

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