The Best Inflatable Water Slides


When it comes to water play, water slides are a staple in every child’s life. If you’ve ever taken your child to a public water park or a backyard birthday party in the Summer, then you’ll be well familiar with the hours of fun involved. They are an excellent investment that kids of a wide variety of ages can enjoy. We’ve rounded up some of the best inflatable water slides available on the market today for you.

Top Pick
Little Tikes River Race Water Slide

This Little Tikes inflatable slide also features a climbing wall, along with a surprise dump bucket that pours water down on kids climbing the wall.

Why Buy an Inflatable Water Slide?

If you’re wondering whether or not buying an inflatable water slide is a wise purchase decision, we’ve put together a few reasons why purchasing one is a good idea!

  • Bringing the Water Park Fun to the Backyard: With many states restricting access to public parks, many families are forced to entertain at home. Investing in your very own inflatable water slide lets your kids still have that summer water park experience in the safety of your backyard.
  • Birthday Party Essential: What are Summer birthday parties without a bounce house and an inflatable water slide? These two go hand-in-hand as a birthday party essential. Sure, you could rent one each year. But if you have more than one child, this can become quite costly. Investing in your own one means you’ll never have a time limit on the fun or risk of not being able to find an available one to rent.
  • Easy Entertainment: Are your kids driving you crazy? Invest in an inflatable water slide. They’ll be entertained for hours, outside! In the winter months, set it up in your basement and replace the water with a ball pit. Either way, if you need a break and your kids are driving you somewhat crazy – this is the thing that’s going to bring you some sanity again!
  • Motor Skill and Sensory Benefits: Aside from everything else mentioned, we can’t forget the motor-skill benefit and sensory stimulation that inflatable water slides provide. Climbing, sliding, and wading are excellent for strong core muscle development and strengthening gross-motor skill development.

Our Selection of the 10 Best Inflatable Water Slide

1. Little Tikes River Race Water Slide

Little Tikes LOL Surprise River Race Waterslide
  • Recommended age:
    3 – 10 years
  • Size:
    161” x 169” x 103”
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Max Kids:

The Little Tikes River Race Inflatable Slide is the ultimate inflatable water slide! It’s feature-packed with not one but two slides, meaning kids can race each other for endless hours of fun! This Little Tikes inflatable slide also features a climbing wall, along with a surprise dump bucket that pours water down on kids climbing the wall. The splash pool at the foot of the slides is spacious enough for kids to play in while others slide down.

While the recommended age group for this inflatable water slide is three to ten years, children younger than that would be able to enjoy the splash pool as well, but you should constantly supervise them! For those slightly colder days, or even in the winter months, the splash pool can easily be used as a ball pond instead. Bring the fun indoors and set it up in your basement for hours of fun year-round!

Looking at the more technical details of this slide, the recommended maximum number of children playing on it at one time is 4, with a combined weight limit of 350 lbs. A heavy-duty blower with CFCI plug stakes to hold the slide in place, a repair kit, and a handy storage bag is included in the box. You’ll also get a 90-day limited warranty on the fabric, as well as a 1-year warranty on the blower. The slide weighs 49.4 pounds and is 161 x 169 x 103 inches in size. It comes in a vibrant multi-color combination and is also available in a pink and blue color combination.

Setting up is easy and effortless. The Little Tikes River Race Inflatable Slide uses minimal water, but it takes some time to fully dry before storing it. As this is the case with most water-play products, we’ve included a helpful section at the end of this article on properly drying and keeping your inflatable water slide clean and free from mold.

Reasons to Buy the Little Tikes River Race Water Slide

  • Four kids can enjoy it at the same time
  • Dual Slides
  • Can be Used Year-Round

2. Bounceland Jump and Splash Adventure

Bounceland Jump and Splash
  • Recommended age:
    3 – 8 years
  • Size:
    138” x 108” x 72”
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Max Kids:

The Bounceland Jump and Splash Adventure combine an inflatable slide with a bounce house to the fun. Added to that, the Bounceland features a climbing wall to access the slide from the bounce house, along with an inflatable basketball hoop.

Another great year-round play-set, the Bounceland Jump and Splash Adventure can be used with water for those hot Summer days or kept dry for those cooler Autumn and Spring days. It’s suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor use.

The large splash pool allows children to play undisturbed by those coming down the slide; this is particularly useful if you have smaller children playing alongside older kids. Bounceland recommends this product suitable for children ages 3 to 8 years, with a maximum of three kids, 300lbs, on it at one time.

If durability is what you’re after, they made the Jump and Splash Adventure of laminated Oxford Terylene–a commercial-grade flooring that provides more bounce. It’s also puncture-proof, with quadruple stitching along the seams.

In terms of safety, the bounce house features high railings with large supporting columns and a strong and durable mesh enclosure. Bounceland also provides an extra slide cover that provides a smoother slide when using the slide without water. You can secure the Jump and Splash Adventure to the ground with 9-inch solid stakes, which Bounceland also provides.

The inflatable water slide is a 0.7HP,4A blower with a 25 ft power cord and GFCI plug. You’ll also get a water hose and nozzle, the extra velcro-attached slide cover, 9″ ground stakes, a repair kit, an instruction manual, and a convenient large carrying bag.

Reasons to Buy the Bounceland Jump and Splash Adventure

  • Water Slide and Bounce House Combo
  • Can Be Used Wet or Dry
  • Durable Material with Quadruple Stitching

3. Bestway Tsunami Waves Summit Inflatable Water Park

Bestway Tsunami Waves Summit
  • Recommended age:
     3 months – 8 years
  • Size:
    198.82” x 133.86” x 104.33”
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Max Kids:

Jam-packed with features, the Bestway Tsunami Waves Summit Inflatable Water Park will provide hours of fun for your kids. The dual slide feature lets kids race each other, while the splash pool area features a basketball hoop, waterfall tunnel, and water cannon. Added to the fun, a dump bucket at the top drops water to keep the slide wet and extra slippery.

The Bestway Tsunami Waves Summit is suitable for kids aged three months to eight years and is designed for outdoor use. It’s made of durable PVC-coated polyester and takes just less than three minutes to inflate with the 110-1200V blower included in the box.

The deck tower features mesh walls, while the climbing wall offers both handgrips and footholds, providing extra safety to the inflatable. The dual slides feature inflatable safety rails and soft water-filled cushions at the foot, providing a soft landing.

Reasons to Buy the Bestway Tsunami Waves Summit Inflatable Water Park

  • Dual Slides
  • Can carry 7 Kids
  • Inflates in Under 3 Minutes

4. Bestway – H2OGO! Mount Splashmore

Bestway H20GO Mount Splashmore
  • Recommended age:
     5 – 10 years
  • Size:
    171.26” x 112.6” x 105.12”
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Max Kids:

Essentially a simpler version of the Tsunami Waves Summit, the Bestway – H2OGO! Mount Splashmore features just a single inflatable water slide and some of the same fun features, including the splash pool, climbing wall, and water cannon.

They designed the Mount Splashmore for kids aged five to ten years, with a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds. The inflatable measures a large 14 feet in length, 9 feet in width, and 9 feet in height. It inflates even faster than the previous model, inflating in just two minutes! The 120V blower is included in the box, along with a storage bag and ground stakes.

Similar to the Tsunami Waves Summit, the Mount Splashmore also features mesh walls at the deck tower. The Mount Splashmore also features handgrips and footholds on the climbing wall for additional safety. Unlike the other model, this inflatable water slide descends straight into the water of the splash pool.

Reasons to Buy the Bestway – H2OGO! Mount Splashmore

  • Fun Water Cannon
  • 2 Minute Inflate Time
  • Can carry 6 Kids

5. Blast Zone Pirate Bay

Blast Zone Pirate Bay
  • Recommended age:
     36 months – 12 years
  • Size:
    156” x 246” x 96”
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Max Kids:

If you’re looking for an inflatable water slide with a bit ‘more’–then the Blast Zone Pirate Bay is what you need! Not only does it feature a slide, but a very spacious splash pool, two spray cannons, as well as a crawl tunnel leading to a bounce house.

As the name suggests, the Blast Zone Pirate Bay is a fun pirate-themed inflatable water slide. Imaginative play is an integral part of child development, and this water slide lets your child transform their backyard into their very own fantasy pirate world. Ahoy me, hearties!

Made to last, the Blast Zone Pirate Bay is made with commercial-grade vinyl. In the box, you’ll receive the inflatable water slide, blower, storage straps, and instructions. Set-up is a breeze, taking less than 2 minutes to inflate fully. Filling it with water takes between 1 and 2 hours. Blast zone recommends a maximum of 5 kids playing simultaneously – 2 on the slide and 3 in the pool. It’s suitable for toddlers and children aged between 36 months and 12 years.

The Blast Zone recommends a max user weight is 100 pounds, with a maximum total weight of 500 pounds. With a floor space of 156 inches x 246 inches, and 96 inches in height, the Pirate Bay is the largest inflatable water slide on this list.

While you probably won’t set this up in your basement for the winter months, you can still replace the water and convert it to a ball pit even on the colder days. As it is large, it is also very heavy–weighing 85 pounds. For this reason, it’s ideal for keeping it out for those week-long summer heatwaves rather than setting up and storing frequently.

Reasons to Buy the Blast Zone Pirate Bay

  • Bounce House Included
  • Massive Splash Pool
  • Fun Fantasy Pirate Theme

6. Bestway H2OGO! Turbo Splash Mega Water Park

Bestway H20GO Turbo Splash Water Zone
  • Recommended age:
     3 – 8 years
  • Size:
    143.7” x 125.98” x 106.3”
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Max Kids:

The Bestway H2OGO! Turbo Splash offers a great combination of features between the Mount Splashmore and the Splash Tower models.

Like Mount Splashmore, the Turbo Splash features a climbing wall with a single inflatable water slide leading down to a reasonably spacious splash pool. The Turbo Splash also features the popular water cannon that children love! While the design shape is more squared, the Turbo splash also features a curved slide that allows parents to have a full view while supervising.

Made of PVC-coated Polyester, the Turbo Splash is both durable and soft. The slide features water-fillable pockets for extra stability, and they lined the deck area with a safety mesh. The Bestway Turbo Splash inflates in two minutes, with the 110-120V blower included in the box as well.

This model also features the dump bucket at the top of the slide, ensuring that the slide stays wet and slippery. Bestway has also included a convenient mesh shoe holder built into the side of the inflatable.

Reasons to Buy the Bestway H2OGO! Turbo Splash Mega Water Park

  • Fun Water Cannon
  • Spacious Pool Area
  • Curved Slide Design

7. Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide

Little Tikes Slam n Curve
  • Recommended age:
     5 – 10 years
  • Size:
    168” x 108” x 84”
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Max Kids:

Taking it back to basics a bit, the Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide is a reasonably all-you-need but straightforward inflatable water slide. It’s ideal for those with smaller-sized backyards, and the curve design allows parents to have a full view of the kids at all times.

The recommended age for the Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide is 5 – 10 years. However, with the correct supervision, younger children will be able to enjoy it as well. Features of the Slam ‘n Curve Slide include a climbing wall that leads up to the curved slide. This area is protected by inflatable guard rails to prevent falls. The slide leads down to a splash pool with a fun basketball hoop.

The Slam ‘n Curve Slide only allows for a maximum of 3 children, with a combined weight limit of 350 pounds. Its dimensions are 168 (L) x 108 (W) x 84 (H) inches, weighing 46.4 pounds. Included with the water slide is a heavy-duty blower with a GFCI plug, a repair kit, a storage bag, 4 x stakes for the blower, and 6 x stakes for the bouncer. You’ll also receive an inflatable basketball, along with a 1-year limited warranty on the blower and a 90-day limited warranty on the inflatable.

Thanks to its compact size compared to the other slides, the Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide is easy to set up and take down. Little Tikes recommend this for outdoor home use only.

Reasons to Buy the Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide

  • Curve Design Allows Full Supervision View
  • Easy to Set Up and Store Away
  • Space-saving

8. Bestway – H2OGO! Splash Tower Kids Inflatable Water Park

Bestway H20GO Splash Tower Inflatable Water Slide
  • Recommended age:
     5 + years
  • Size:
    144.09” x 132.68” x 94.88”
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Max Kids:

The Bestway Splash Tower is another excellent choice for those just looking for an inflatable slide only without all the other bells and whistles.

The Splash Tower features a climbing wall with handles and footholds leading up to a deck tower. From there, a curved slide leads down into a small splash landing pool. The benefit of having a curved slide allows you to have a full view of your children playing on the slide at all times.

As with the other Bestway Inflatable water slides we’ve featured, the Splash tower comes with a 110V-120V blower. It also inflates in under two minutes and features double stitching along the seams. Bestway has incorporated a water-fillable side pocket on the base of the inflatable to provide additional stability. Additionally, they’ve also included plastic ground stakes in the box too.

Reasons to Buy the Bestway – H2OGO! Splash Tower Kids Inflatable Water Park

  • Simple Design
  • Curved Slide Offers full Supervision
  • Inflates in Under 2 Minutes

Best Inflatable Water Slide For the Pool

Intex Water Slide

If you’re looking for an inflatable water slide for the pool instead, the Intex Water Slide is the perfect purchase to keep your kids entertained this summer. With a maximum weight of 176 lbs, even the adults can join the fun!

How to Keep your Inflatable Water Slide Clean and Mold-Free

They’re susceptible to mold if not dried out properly before being stored away, as with all water-play toys. To sustain the lifespan of your inflatable water slide, as well as protect your children from germs, be sure to clean it between each use thoroughly. If you’re unsure about the best way to do this, we’ve put together this easy-to-follow guide for you.

Drain First, Then Clean.

Before you give your inflatable slide a quick scrub, drain out the existing water in the splash pond because it will be dirty and full of germs. Trying to clean something with contaminated water is a pointless exercise.

Wash with Warm Water and Soap

Use a mild detergent and gently scrub the surface of the slide with a soft mop. A vinyl cleaner is ideal, but dish soap will work well if you don’t have any. Follow it up with a quick hose down to remove all the soap residue.

Let it Dry Completely Before Storing

This is an important step. If you don’t, your inflatable slide will grow mold. After you’ve cleaned it, drain out any remaining water and re-inflate the slide. Let it stand out for a few hours to dry properly. Keeping it inflated will help speed up the drying process.

Disinfect Often

Once your slide has dried, spray it with an antiseptic to kill any remaining germs. Lysol makes disinfecting wipes that work very well and are used by party rental businesses. When cleaning and disinfecting, be sure to avoid bleach and products containing bleach. While vinyl is a durable material, bleach can fade your slide’s color and weaken the material.

Tips to Make Your Inflatable Water Slide Even More Fun!

While we’re pretty sure that your children are going to be entertained for hours on end without any extras, we’ve included some fun tips to make your backyard waterpark even more fun!


Foam Party!

Everyone loves a foam party, and this is perhaps the easiest way to add to the fun. All you need is a dash of bubble bath to create the ultimate foam fort!


Obstacle Course

If your yard is large enough, you could set up some extra activities around your inflatable water slide to create an obstacle course for your children. Make it even more fun by having the children compete to complete the course the fastest.


Imagination Activation

Pick a theme (pirate is a popular favorite!) and add some props. Children love role-playing, and it’s an essential part of child development. Your kids will spend hours immersed in their very own make-believe world.


Ball Pit

An easy way to keep using your inflatable water slide, even on those more chilly days, is to replace the water with a ball pit. Plastic balls can be purchased on Amazon and are relatively inexpensive.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve rounded up a few of the most frequently asked questions around purchasing and using an inflatable water slide. Got a question we haven’t answered here? Leave a comment, and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

How long do inflatable water slides last?

This largely depends on how you care for and maintain your water slide. While a more expensive inflatable water slide is also likely to be made of more durable material. With that said, on average, inflatable water slides last around 3-4 summers.

What are inflatable water slides made of?

Usually, inflatable water slides are made of a strong PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) or nylon.

How much water do inflatable water slides use?

In general, an inflatable water slide uses 1 gallon of water every minute; this is the equivalent of a garden hose at quarter flow. Most slides don’t re-circulate the water and require a constant flow of freshwater to keep them slippery.

How long does it take to inflate?

Less than 5 minutes. The exact time it takes to inflate will depend on the size of the inflatable slide and the power of the blower. With that said, the Blast Zone Pirate Bay inflatable water slide only takes 2 minutes to inflate.

How do I fix the seam on inflatable water slides?

Before you fix the same, ensure that the inflatable water slide is completely dry. You’ll need to repair the slide while it is deflated, so place a piece of duct tape on it while it’s still inflated so that you can easily find the spot later.

If your water slide doesn’t come with a repair kit, you’ll need to get a needle and some strong thread. First, you’ll sew the seam closed. Try sewing as close together as you can.

Next, you’ll need to patch the area. Cut a patch at least ½ inch bigger than the size of the tear. Then, spread a small amount of glue across the patch and place it over the area you’ve sewed. Allow the glue top to dry for at least 24 hours before inflating the slide again.

Can adults go on an inflatable water slide?

Yes, many of these water slides are sturdy enough for adults to use. While they weren’t designed for adult use, they can accommodate the weight of an adult. We advise following the age recommendations listed by each manufacturer to sustain the life of your inflatable water slide.

Can you put an inflatable water slide on rocks?

No. You should set up the water slide on an area that is relatively flat with a smooth surface. Grass, concrete, or asphalt are all suitable surfaces. Aside from rocks, you should also avoid setting up over any other sharp objects, toys, sprinklers, sticks, etc.

Is there a weight limit for inflatable water slides?

Yes. The specific weight limit will vary between manufacturers as well as each model. All the weight limits have been listed on each of the inflatable water slides which we reviewed.

Are inflatable water slides safe for 2-year-olds?

Yes, inflatable water slides are generally safe for 2-year-olds – provided that you supervise them constantly. You should never leave a two-year-old unattended in a body of water, no matter how shallow.

Top Pick
Little Tikes River Race Water Slide

This Little Tikes inflatable slide also features a climbing wall, along with a surprise dump bucket that pours water down on kids climbing the wall.

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