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9 Childhood Toys You Should Have Kept for Your Kids

As kids grow older and stop playing with certain toys it might be tempting to discard some stuff to free up space. You might even have childhood toys of your own ready to be discarded, but don’t be so hasty. Check out our list of toys that you might regret discarding when it comes to entertaining your children.

1. Board Games

Board GamesPerfect for rainy days and to get in some much needed family time, board games come in all shapes and sizes. Most board games are not only entertaining, but also a create way to stimulate skills such as memory, visual patterns and literacy in children.

Since board games are played in groups it also teaches your children valuable social skills and communication.  Games such as Candy Land are suitable for kids aged three and up and there are also all time classics such as Monopoly or Chutes and Ladders. Studies have also shown that the moving of board game pieces can improve the fine motor skills of kids.

2. Balance Bikes

Balance BikesEven with adjustable seats, kids can outgrow their balance bike or simply move on to a pedal bike. This means that the balance bike is often still in pretty good condition which makes it an asset worth keeping for the next child. With so many technological distractions inside the house it can be a challenge to get kids to play outside, but with a balance bike you can ensure that they have fun and stay fit.

The balance bike will also allow the younger child to ride together with older siblings who have pedal bikes without feeling left out.

3. Toy Blocks

Toy BlocksFrom simple building blocks to intricate Lego sets, these type of toys don’t require any batteries, only a healthy dose of imagination. Toy blocks are often thrown away after they are outgrown because they are a nuisance to pick up and pack away, but they are definitely toys worth holding on to. Toy blocks not only teaches your child valuable spatial skills as well as motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but also instills in them a capacity for creative thinking. Even an older child who have lost interest in their toy blocks might enjoy teaching and helping a younger sibling to play with them. This can teach both children to improve their social skills and cooperation.

4. Educational Toys

Educational ToysNo matter how high tech children’s toys become, there will always be a need for something sturdy that doesn’t require batteries to operate. Anything that can teach children valuable skills in areas such as math, science and music should definitely be held onto.

Children learn a lot while playing and with the right kind of toys you can ensure that you boos their creativity as well as thinking skills by using educational toys. Many educational toys are also made from wood and other sturdy materials which ensures that they remain durable and ready to pass on to the next child when the time is right.

5. Books

BooksEvery child enjoys a good story and books are a great way to stimulate their imagination and teach them about the world around them. Reading also exposures children to language which provide them with social advantages and expands their vocabulary. It might be tempting to toss away those books that you have read to your child many times before, but this can mean that subsequent children will miss out on a lot of great stories. Keep the old books, but mix them in with a few newer ones if you really need a bit more variety when it comes reading to your kids. Otherwise keep the older books aside for when the child is old enough to read independently.

6. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw PuzzlesStudies have shown that jigsaw puzzles are a great way to help your children develop their cognitive skills which makes them a great toy to keep around. Of course jigsaw puzzles are also prone to pieces getting lost, so make sure that you teach your children to pack everything away securely to prevent this from happening.

Not only will jigsaw puzzles help young children with their problem solving skills, but it is also a great toy for boosting their motor skills as well as spatial skills. Finally, what could be a bigger self-esteem booster than completing a challenging jigsaw puzzle?

7. Fitness Toys

Fitness ToysAny toy that can get your kids off the couch and outside for some physical activity is a toy that is worth holding on to. This category includes everything from jump ropes to hula hoops and since these toys are usually compact enough to store out of the way there is no reason not to keep them around.

With childhood obesity on the rise there is more of a need than ever before to provide kids with some exercise and if this can be accomplished through playing you have a much better chance at them sticking to it. Hula hoops in particular is a great way for kids to exercise without them even realizing it as to them it will just be a game.

8. Stuffed Animals

Stuffed AnimalsStuffed animals are always a firm favorite with kids, but they usually have a couple that they adore while the rest languish on the shelf. Instead of throwing these away you can always hold on to them for your next child. Babies in particular love to touch soft stuffed toys while as the child grows older he or she will treat the toy more as a companion. Toddlers also often use stuffed animals as a way to show their emotions.

9. Musical Instrument Toys

Musical Instrument ToysIt might be tempting to throw out those musical instrument toys for the sake of your own peace and quiet, but you might end up regretting if you find out what benefits they can have for your child. Musical instrument toys are a great way for kids to develop their motor skills while they learn about rhythm.

Studies have also shown that it can help sharpen their listening skills and provide your child with a creative way to express themselves. It can also have social benefits for the child down the road as they are more likely to be involved with playing an instrument when they go to school.

What do you think? Is there any toys from your childhood you should have kept for your child?

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