Fun Push Childrens No Pedal Balance Bike

Fun Push Childrens No Pedal Balance Bike Review

Joining all the other balance bikes on the market is this offering from Fun Push, which also favors the more traditional design. My initial impression of this bike is that it very much resembles an ordinary children’s bicycle with the pedals and chain removed.

This is not a bad thing if you plan on seamlessly transitioning your kids to a pedaled bike later on, but we have seen plenty of other unique designs like the one from Kazam where additions such as a footrest have been added for better balance. In the end, it is going to come down to preferences whether you favor this type of traditional design or want something a little more exotic.


When I received the box with the balance bike I almost thought that something was missing because it weighed so little. At only 5.5 lbs this bike is almost half as light as something like the Kazam so if you are prone to worrying that your child might end up pinned beneath his balance bike after a tumble, this is the bike for you.

To me the bike felt almost too light and I thought that this would impact the durability, but I will discuss that later. All I can say is that I really appreciated the lightweight the few times when I had to carry the bike with me after my daughter exhausted herself riding it at the park.

Fun Push Childrens No Pedal Balance Bike 2

Assembling the bike was pretty straightforward and I didn’t need the instructions, which is a good thing since the ones included in the box weren’t really helpful. The bike ships practically assembled anyway, so you just have to add the finishing touches before handing it over to your little one. The wheels are already connected so you just have to attach the seat, handlebars and forks to the frame.

Oh, and there is a little bell connected to the handlebars as well, which is a cute touch. The whole process of assembling the bike probably didn’t take me much more than five minutes to complete. The bike is a bit smaller in real life than what it looks like on photos, which is great for fitting it in the trunk of the car, but not so great if your child has hit a growth spurt.


I mentioned earlier that the bike is very light and this, as well as the rather low price, had me concerned about the durability of the bike. No parent wants their child to ride on something that is going to fall apart while they are riding it, but during the time I had the bike for testing I saw no reason to doubt that it would last for quite some time. Toddlers can be rough, but to wreck this bike you would have to drive over it with a car or drop it from a great height. Ordinary bumps and scrapes might take their toll on the paintjob, but for the rest the bike is quite solid.

About the only thing on the bike that I would really call flimsy would be the bell, but this looks like something that was really added as an afterthought and I’m sure no parent is going to mourn if it stops working after a while.

Fun Push Childrens No Pedal Balance Bike 3

Part of the reason why this bike is so light is the tires which are made from foam instead of rubber or plastic. On the plus side this decreases the weight, ensures you never have to deal with flat tires and means that your little one can ride it indoors without obliterating your floors. However, with foam tires durability is always an issue and they generally provide less traction than rubber tires.

The less time you have to waste patching punctured tires the better, but foam tires definitely have a shorter lifespan. You’ll appreciate them most on rainy days when your child is begging you to ride her bike indoors, but watch out for those wooden floors as there won’t be a lot of traction.

The handlebars and seat of the bike are adjustable and there is even a foam pad across the handlebars to protect your child if they come to a sudden stop. The overall design of the bike is not quite as sleek as some of its more expensive competitors, but to the eyes of a youngster it will still look like the coolest bike ever when they get it as a present.

The fact that it comes in an assortment of colors is also a bonus as you can give them their favorite one. The foam pad across the handlebars matches the stickers on the bike so the pink and purple models are decorated in flowers while the others feature racing numbers. It is little touches like these that probably won’t mean much to parents, but kids enjoy immensely. My only concern with the frame is that some of the bolts are not recessed and while they are rounded can still hurt your child during a fall or get caught on something.

Pros & Cons

This is not a big name brand bike so obviously a lot of parents will have concerns if it is worth the effort. Balance bikes are generally quite simple


  • This balance is amongst the lightest that I have ever tested and compact enough that you can fit it in even a smaller car trunk
  • The price is great for parents on a budget who want to give their child a balance bike
  • Assembly is a breeze even if the included instructions are not the best
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat
  • Comes in a wide range of colors to choose from


  • The foam tires are less durable and cannot absorb impact as well as air tires
  • The bolts that fasten the tires to the frame are exposed
  • The bell that is included with the bike rarely lasts very long


When it comes down to it, this is a very affordable bike that gets the job done and won’t leave you regretting your purchase. I would have liked to see it use air tires or at least rubber honeycomb ones, this would have pushed up the price and weight of the bike. As far as cheaper, lighter balance bikes are concerned you can buy this one with peace of mind.

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